Productions for the World of Tomorrow.


Windom Media develops original intellectual properties for the domestic and international marketplace. We focus on creative content that stems from books that we own and property created in the world of science facts based on science, technology, and innovation. Our productions range from films, television to web shows and series, with Transmedia applications. Quality programming produced with co-production partners also includes VR/AR games.

The NEWDAWN Saga book series is such a property. Written by Dominique Luchart, the story is a science fiction romance adventure spanning multiple volumes for young adults to meet the demand of a worldwide audience seeking new content. While it is based on science fiction and some fantasy, it is also researched on science facts with the advances in technology and the shifting digital landscape moving us toward a future where the age of the machines will dictate new paradigm.

Our new Media Technology approach allows us to produce specific videos directly with our audience, enhancing the user experience.

The Windom Media/Windhorse brand is based on a creative positive energy brought by the early morning wind in the early hours of dawn. It can be ridden and shared but never tamed…