Want To Obtain The Role That Changes Your Career?

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Just imagine if you could be in the limelight immediately… YOU, in front of an audience and in control of your acting career.

Get noticed while you reach your audience and build your fan base.

Avert spending an inordinate amount of time sending out your head shot trying to attract the attention of a casting director.

Evade going to auditions but never have an audience to see your performance other than the people in the room.

Stop driving like a robot to countless auditions and not get the part.

Then pay close attention to what I am about to say:  NEWDAWN Diaries – REBOOT Media Site was made for you.

We have written and shot about 12 Mind Transcripts and VLogs for our Institute Recruiter Marigold Sone, developed and shot 15 MindTranscripts and VLogs for ELLADAIN and added to our Mind Transcripts and VLogs for Diane Stone.  These videos are now being edited and will come on line in the upcoming weeks.

Transform your life today.   GO from signing up up to playing your favorite character in one flat day.  Join us today with CityWide Recruiting Professional.

Sign up and find out more.  Get the whole story on www.newdawnreboot.com.  Contact us for details: www.info@newdawnreboot.com

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