Looking For Eva!

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We have just added to our cast for the REBOOT Series, five new actors and are excited to share this news with you. These new talents, which we feature each Wednesday in Spotlight, will share the center stage with our principals as we near the time to shoot additional MindTranscrips and VLogs before we begin the production of the series. I hope you will enjoy them on our site. I know that I look forward to working with all of them.

Looking for Eva

As we near our shoot date though, we are still looking for our lead – Eva Bassington. While our Casting Director, Sara Wallace and her partner Jaime Gallagher are actively looking for her, we also want to put the word out.

A very pretty girl (18 year old) Eva is driven and smart although somewhat reserved. She keeps very much to herself and is devoted to her work. One of the brightest minds of the Faculty as a geneticist and surgeon, she finds herself with 21 implants and into the DAINN system very early on. She believes in DAINN, and squarely fits within the infrastructure of Angel City and the established order. Sure of herself when it comes to her work, she has little time for a personal life and is much more at ease in the operating room then with her male colleagues. In truth, she is vulnerable. Quite obtuse when it comes to guys, her attitude changes when she thinks of Aidan and runs into him again… (he is an old childhood crush – and an attraction that has lasted many years).

Have you seen her among your friends? Have you encountered her in your auditions? Are you her?

If so, please check our Casting Call on our site: www.newdawnreboot.com/characters/casting/ to have access to the sides. It’s easy! You can audition for the role right on the site.

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