Looking For Aidan!

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We have just added a lot of new actors to our cast for the REBOOT Series and are now looking for our Male Lead Aidan Furst!

Looking For Aidan

As we near the time to shoot additional MindTranscrips and VLogs before we begin the production of the series, we need our lead character. While our Casting Director, Sara Wallace and her partner Jaime Gallagher are actively looking for him, we also want to put the word out to you. Have you seen him among your friends? Have you encountered him in your auditions? Are you him?

Aidan is a serious guy with a big chip on his shoulder. He finds himself into the DAINN system against his will at age ten and into the hands of an individual with her own agenda within the Institute. This makes him cynical, closed off, and definitely a rebel. Under a charming exterior, he has no illusions. Aidan has great abilities to sense the market swings and is enrolled into the Company as a shining star stock broker. The status he earns within The Company allows him a certain freedom but he realizes his importance rest only so long as he makes the corporation money. He knows how to work the system to his advantage while looking for a way out. Fighting the DAINN system (which he despises) from the inside leads him to become a hacker at night in the hope to preserve his autonomy. He has few relationships and even fewer friends. While he wishes for a different way of life he has no idea how to get it. Until one day, he meets Eva and his world is turned upside down in more ways than oneā€¦

If you have seen Aidan, please check our Casting Call on our site: www.newdawnreboot.com/Character/Casting/U-Star to have access to the sides. It’s easy! You can audition for the role right on the site.

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