NEWDAWN Looks At Science For Our Future

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NEWDAWN Looks At Science For Our Future

Forecasting A Possible Future Based On Today’s Reality To Peek Over The Horizon is Fascinating.  It is by no means the only path we can take… But awereness is key!

In the not too far fetched future, implants will do even more than give sight to the blind…

Eye Implants


While we are already making huge leaps with eye implants today, we know that more will be possible, even predictable in the future. Recently in the UK, two men were fitted with eye implants during an eight-hour procedure that ended with promising results.  Indeed, after years of blindness, they now have regained “useful” vision within weeks of the surgery.  They are now capable of picking up outlines of objects and they even dream in color.  It is expected by their doctors that they will see continued improvements as their brain rewire themselves for sight.

As if this is not enough of an achievement today, there will be even more extraordinary results by 2098.  In the world of Ang City, our enhanced vision allows us to see much farther, it gives us the power to isolate items and objects and analyze them, components by components.  Our night vision is integrated to detect things with ease.  We even have radar.  Our range as well as our ability to see and detect things in the dark is expanded beyond anything we could have imagined…  Our vision is directly linked to the DAINN system.  We can tap into our world database within seconds, so that information about what we see and need to identify is at our disposal anytime, anywhere.

Our hearing is enhanced as well and so are our physical capabilities.  Our brain processes better and faster as well.  This enhances us in a great way.  It is ultimately a power we can attribute to anyone… under the DAINN network.  We are all “imped” for better performance and ultimately we come to rely on it more and more.  Everyone clamors for these enhancements, these improvement as we redesign ourselves daily.  We have become a world where efficiency drives the process for everything.  We rely on a machine to determine our environment and change it to our convenience.

What have we lost in the drive to achieve more?  Some say, nothing.  Others rebel against a system that dominates everything around us for while DAINN is our keeper, in some ways it has also become our master.  The change to what we are today and have become took place slowly, insidiously.   In that lays the power of the system.  We did not recognize it, until one day the world around us was changed…  and so were we.

Our society is more advanced in that way, but like anything else, it has a price.  Some of the implants with higher level features are restricted to a few.  To access these, you have to be among the elite at the top of our society.  You have to be a leader within our grids.  In many ways, NEWDAWN is a reflection on our current society, but with a vision of where our advancements in science and technology can take us.  It is by no means the only path we can follow.  It is however something we have to be watchful of so we can maintain our choice about who we are ultimately, for ignorance serves no purpose other than a potential downfall.


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