The Role Of Our NEWDAWN Factions – The Force

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Meet the Force in the Faction Landscape!

Meet The Factions

Hello NewDawners,

Meet the Force in The Factions Landscape!  They are also called The Clout!

Each faction plays a role in Newdawn and each member of our population is evaluated under the DAINN System.

The Force is the Security Team working within the Defense Ministry and mandated to maintain order within the grids of Angel City. While the Force has multiple squads covering all grids whose primary responsibility is the safety and security of the population, they have a dedicated Elite team assigned to the Golden Ghetto. The Elite operates within the GG, which is the siege of the city’s infrastructure. This area hosts the offices and residences of most of the government officials, General Council along with President Zane Landen operation center.

The Players:

  • NORTH – Team Leader (Navy Seal/special forces type training); extremely capable, strong, respected, tough but sensitive.
  • TALIA – type training; information officer; brilliant in deduction and threat assessment, takes no prisoner attitude.
  • ALAIA – Secret Service/CIA type training; linguist, communication officer and weapons expert; rebellious and sarcastic.
  • CASHEL – European World Legion; expert hand to hand combat and demolition, confident and bold.
  • BIRCH – FSB/Spetsnaz (Federal Security Service) type training; cooperative and tricky.
  • ASHER – SAS/MI5/MI6 type training; Double agent, tactical operations for EAHS and head of the underground; peace maker, risk taker, quiet type with a radical outlook.
  • JEZE– Shayetet13/Mossad type training; serious and tough, daring and creative, often unpredictable.
  • SAMMO – Martial arts combat expert; DEAD; (just lost in combat operation).

We will begin the production in July for the first of the MindTranscripts and Vlogs. Our story line will dictate who is called first but more than likely there will be members from several factions.
You will hear some news on our production schedule later this month!

Getting closer to shooting you guys!!!

See you inside the grids!

Thanks NewDawners!

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