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How Would You Like Our World To Be Better?

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Creating A Better World

Wouldn’t it be great if things were easier and nicer?  A better world, in other words.  Sometimes when I look at the state of our planet, I wonder how we can trigger in ourselves a new way of looking at life.  Create a sort of new value system that becomes the launching pad for a new society… one were we value each other and the things around us.


Revisiting Our Way Of Life

The NEWDAWN Universal Pledge opens a new way of life and values… for a new world!

It was created as part of the NEWDAWN story, but it is something we can aspire to even today.  It provides guidelines. It changes the way we see things. It triggers a different view point so we begin relating to one another differently.

It is meant to better ourselves and everything we stand for… and of course because it is a story, one has to wonder if it can really work in our present reality.  My answer is that it probably cannot, but I would love to be proven wrong on that one.

How awesome would it be that we can improve our way of life and and that of everyone around us? Our world would immediately change. If we hold dear certain simple and fundamental values and begin to act on them, we evolve.

The Pledge serves as a code of conduct. What if it could be adopted by all?  A great new world would indeed be in the making…

Here is a little insight on what the NEWDAWN Universal Pledge is all about… an excerpt if you will of the much bigger picture.


pledgehorizontal (1) Blog


Is it remotely possible in this day and age to reach a better world?  Is it something we can aspire to become by 2098?  I certainly hope.  One can dream, right?


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