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Do you know about Lab Grown Meat?  

Do you eat meat? If you do then you are part of most of the modern world and you need to know this!

Many countries are adopting meat into their diets, hot on the heels of western culture’s cuisine. However, with the rate that humans are consuming meat, there are not enough resources to support such a voracious appetite.

lab grown meat
The Facts Speak For Themselves…

According to Popular Science magazine, “each year, Americans eat more than 200 pounds of meat per person”. It may not seem like much considering that country sides in mid-Missouri have been feeding our nation and the world for 150 years. Yet our resources are going sadly to waste and being squandered on inefficient production. “About 80 percent of the world’s farmland is used to support the meat and poultry industries, and much of that goes to growing animal feed.” This severely depletes our natural resources. Imagine, “a single pound of cooked beef, a family meal’s worth of hamburgers, requires 298 square feet of land, 27 pounds of feed and 211 gallons of water”. At this rate, our natural resources will dwindle so much that we be unable to support our rapidly growing global population.  This is estimated to be a huge problem as early as 2050.

That same pound of hamburger requires more than 4,000 Btus of fossil-fuel energy to get to the dinner table; something has to power the tractors, feedlots slaughterhouses, and trucks” not to mention that cow produced methane “contributes to as much as 51 percent of all greenhouse gas produced in the world”(Popular Science: The Future Now). With the struggle to support a current global population of 7.2 billion how can we expect to continue this support with the projected growth to 9.6 billion in 2050 or even possible trillions that may be expected by the year 2098?

Beyond Meat, Modern Meadow and Bill Gates think they have figured out how…

With an engineered Meat substitute. Beyond Meat has a contract with Whole Foods Market to sell their meat substitute in stores today. It is an all-natural blend of Soy, pea proteins and amaranth combined with exact proportions to mimic meat texture and seasoned to flavor. You can buy it for yourself to try.  So, now we may have lab grown meat in our near future.

But There Is More…

Modern Meadow Company however, is also working on the same project except with 3-D printers and tissue engineering. They are trying to grow meat in a lab. This was stemmed from the attempt to grow donor organs for medical clinics and critical patients that are stuck on a waiting list. They figured if they can create “food grade” tissue then they would soon be able to create organ quality tissues.

Bill Gates has even taken the meat-production crisis under his wing as a “signature issue” and is helping to endorse and fund research and trials in this field knowing that the “planet needs to rethink how it gets it’s meat”. This is especially true since the global estimation of meat eaten per person has “nearly doubled from 1961 to 2007 and the UN  projects it will double again by 2050”( Popular Science: The Future Now).

And You Thought The Future Was Only For Tomorrow…

This global food and natural resource crises is of epic proportions and will only get worse if we do not make an active effort to change our ways.

In the year 2098, Angel City, the remnant megapolis of what was Los Angeles in the NewDawn Diaries Reboot series is feeling the strain of supporting such a massive population with severely neglected global resources. The DAINN system has been implemented in order to ration the food and assist in rotating the jobs in the population to keep the units distributed among the grids. It has even found it necessary to impose a population ration on the citizens of Angel City to slow the birth rate and the amount of food that must be supplied. This cannot last forever and is even currently beginning to fail, causing a need for CONCORDANCE or shifts and redistributions all over the grids. No one is happy and the city is on the brink of riot and chaos. Not even DAINN can help them now.

It Is Here Today!

If we do not want this to be our fate, then we as a global community need to start finding more efficient and sustainable ways to cultivate our food. Otherwise we will end up with a endemic food shortage and a massive population with nowhere to collapse but on itself. This is a current issue even as we breathe and is certainly a nearly all consuming pandemic issue that is quickly making its virulent way through Angel City in NewDawn Diaries Reboot in the year 2098.

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