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Fast forward into the future to 2098… and discover the NEWDAWN world.

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NEWDAWN is a series of volumes, with the first being NEWDAWN – REBOOT.

The saga spans many years on our planet, multiple lifetimes and another dimension.  It intertwines our present as the past and represents one reality to deliver a future where our choices have led to a technologically advanced society governed under one planetary network, DAINN.  Our Distributed Artificial Intelligence Neural Network is a well meaning network, one based on enhancing the lives of a global population and monitoring our entire infrastructure.   Set in turbulent times for the planet, the DAINN system has to deal with many challenges…

The context brings us to the next step in our human evolution.  Good or bad, it is yet to be determined…  This new world offers similar challenges as what we face today and yet takes us into a very different environment.

The novels focus on a group of young people who become the hope of our species as the advances of technology and science, have made them healthier, smarter, stronger and faster…  They in fact, run the planet.  Raging hormones and little time to adjust to huge responsibilities is the backdrop for the story, one upon which an entire society is based…

Within an infrastructure monitored by one planetary computer, every person is provided a life direction early on during the Evaluation.  Under the DAINN network, every soul on the planet enters the program at the age of five.  This assessment  continues until they receive their first implant, usually at the age of ten. The powerful DAINN network, a  machine with learning capabilities beyond what we can comprehend, determines the most suited profession for all based on the individuals’ characteristics, attributes and preferences.

This life direction leads the individual to become part of either the Institute, the Science Research Center, the Faculty, the Company or the EHAF – the Earth Homeland Alliance Force.  Those who refuse become Insurgenets and join the underground, or leave the city as Nonets.

Based on science fiction and fantasy, although not altogether removed from a future reality fast upon us, this tale transports us into a world where mystery, intrigue, romance and adventure are at the heart of this series of books.

Hope to see you inside the NEWDAWN grids in Angel City!

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