Telekinesis – How Would You Like To Control Objects With Your Mind?

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Mind Over Matter Takes a Whole New Meaning Today!  Guess What It Will Be Like In The Future?

What if indeed we could control objects with our mind?  This is a concept that we could only dream of once upon a time, but now, it no longer seems so… well, impossible.  Indeed, we know that there are people capable of many things out of the ordinary even if we do not understand how…  While this appears to be one of these things, science is moving so fast these days…

And so telekinesis could now be within our grasp… or almost.



Scientists make discoveries every day and many sometimes go unnoticed, but when they can truly evolve our future in a new way, we should to be aware of it and watch what happens next…

Can you imagine suddenly having the ability to control the movement of objects?  Our imagination paves the way to overcoming challenges everyday.  Now we have apparently broken a new barrier… that of mind control over things, small things perhaps, but it is progress nevertheless.  A new experimentation may have been from the realm of a science fiction movie years ago, but suddenly it has become a real possibility for the future.

Researchers from Minnesota College of Science and Engineering have broken a new challenge.  They have done so by using a noninvasive technique known as electroencephalography.    This method harnesses brainwaves, allowing students to control the actual motion of a robot helicopter.

During the experiment, five students facing the opposite way were able to move the miniature machine in various directions.  The power of their mind  applied to hand movements, allowed them to imagine their left hand, right hand or both hands influencing the flight patterns of the robot helicopter.  At some point in the training exercise, the participants were capable of performing some maneuvers, including passing through rings while watching on the screen the image of the flight.

The application of this technique could lead scientists to expand this new noninvasive brain wave technology to eventually restore motion, hearing and sight in patients suffering from paralysis or neurodegeneration.  How awesome will that be?

These types of breakthroughs will become in the future a new market product,  a new application that is part of our evolution as we seek to better ourselves.  We will either have the opportunity to buy this as an external product and use it for different purposes, if not just for fun…  or this capability will become an extension of ourselves through implants garnering and expanding our brainwaves, allowing us to do things with our minds that we once upon a time could only dream of.  Will we become the hero in our own lives, and suddenly find new abilities we have only so far watched in the big blockbusters movies?

I wonder how this will unfold for us.  I don’t know about you, but I find this really fascinating.

Watch it…

Science Fiction, Science Facts.

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