Bio Engineered Body Parts Exist Today!

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… And You Thought  This Was Just Another Fantasy?  It’s not!  Bio engineered body parts do not exist solely in your future, they are here today.

So, think Again!

Bio engineered vein



The successful operation by a group of Doctors from Duke University happened on June 6.  They implanted the first bio-engineered blood vessel into a live patient.  The procedure constitutes the first of synthetically bio-engineered body part implant of its kind.

While bio-engineering is evolving rapidly there is still a long journey ahead to where we will have some of the capabilities described in NEWDAWN… but then again from 2014 to 2098 we do have some time.

Yet, the fact that today we can already implant into a patient in the last stages of kidney disease a vein that was synthesized from donated human cells is amazing.  The vein was developed on a scaffold in order to prevent the potential of antibodies in the patient from attacking the foreign vessel.  In doing so, the qualities that could trigger the attack on the vein were removed, allowing a more flawless integration.  Thus far, the vein has proved to be more efficacious in tests than synthetic or animal based implants.  It seems that by not being prone to clotting and not posing the risk of infection during surgery, this provides a huge advantage for the future of medical advancements.   The blood vessel is made of the same flexible materials as what it is connected to and takes on the properties of the cellular environment and other veins.

The resounding significance of the procedure in the emerging field of bio-engineering is radically important if one considers other uses in the medical world.  This can lead to more development in this field and results one day in operations where heart disease, replacement of organs and body parts has become the norm.

This is a precursor to more progress, very much in the same way as described in the NEWDAWN saga where the the entire world population benefits from this bio-engineered type of technology, living longer and healthier lives.

Who in the world wouldn’t want that?



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