How Do You Want To Impact Our Life For The Future?

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Our current footprint is increasingly impacting tomorrow negatively.

We have choices.  The question is how we want to impact our life for the future – with a change in the footprint we leave behind, or not…  Dwindling resources and an unsustainable population today can only impact tomorrow by radically altering our lives.  Technology will take care of some aspects but cannot solve all the challenges we will soon face.
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Imagine the type of career you want… Envision the impact our footprint has on the environment and what this could do to your possible career…

As a daily routine, we all have heard about the importance of conserving water.  We already suffer from a lack of fresh water today in California.  It will reach other states and get worst.

We also have been taught to recycle by now. While today we are already feeling the repercussions of environmental neglect and dwindling natural resources can you for a moment pause and conceptualize what this will mean by 2098?  Of course, most of us will not be there to see that, but the next generations will…  Some of us may say who cares?  I won’t be there.  The simple fact is that we need to think about this because fundamentally, as the highest species on this planet it is our responsibility.  We have a care to maintain a balance, to safeguard our environment and the other species that live under our watch.  It is really that simple.  Everything we do impacts the planet.  Is it too late to change our footprint?

Neglect has been rampant and now…

Our global population has not been conserving or preserving our natural resources and environment for the last 50-100 years and as a result we are already experiencing droughts and food shortages for an overpopulated planet. This is causing economical, technological, and environmental strain that is beginning to show in our decreasing birth rates and increase in infant mortality rates.  This clearly is the impact we have now.

An older global population radically can change the face of the planet…

Birth rates are estimated to be only 14 births for every 1000 people and they are still falling. When the Economic Crisis hit in 2010 many people lost their jobs and the economy took a dive… six years later job opportunities and birth rates among financially hindered young couples have not returned to what they were.

This is having a major influence on physicians in this field. According to Photius Geographic, the rate of physicians to every 1000 people was as low as 2.43 in 2007 and it is estimated to have fallen to as low as 1.99 for every 1000 in 2014. If this trend continues one can only imagine how low the birth rate will be in the future or if we will even have the resources to support anything but a static, overgrown population.  Of course, if we all live longer lives, some may say it is a benefit, but really do we want that?  Can we remedy our footprint to be less than what it is?  Some say, we have reached the tipping point.  Is it already too late?  If so…

Fast forward to 2098…

In  “NewDawn Diaries – Reboot” by Dominique Luchart, Heather Sims, a pediatrician and specialist in her field,  is dealing with just that.  She is living in a severely over populated planet that is struggling to find resources to support its massive demographic. With the population living longer and healthier lives, doctors see some specialties go into oblivion and are reassigned to other fields.  In an attempt to maintain the growth of the enhanced human population  in Angel city, the leaders and DAINN have put a limit on how many children are allowed to be born therefore regulating birth rates according to grids.  Since the grids are deployed in function of social standing, the government has a direct impact on who can reproduce or not.   For Heather, as a physician specializing in infant health and growth, it is hard to maintain her work status, and as Concordance nears, she is desperately struggling to keep her position within the Faculty…

This is quite significant and one cannot help but wonder if  we will not one day be dealing with the same issues as we see technology and science taking the lead in our lives…

If you would like to read more about Heather Sims and Angel city in NewDawn Diaries – Reboot by Dominique Luchart we will soon be announcing the publication date for the book so stay tune with our blog:

Helpful statistics by If you would like to know more about national statistics by country, check out Photius Geographic with the link above.

To learn more about science today and the strange new break-throughs in our society that are not publicly mainstreamed by our media, check out Popular Science: The Future Now Magazine online or sign up for a subscription at

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