Olympic Venues Without Snow – A Likely Future

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Olympic Venues Without Snow is indeed a likely future!

Goodbye Snow Bunny!

By 2080, climate change will have an impact on some of the top skying destinations in the world and it is indeed likely that many former Olympic venues will  be without snow in the future. The cities listed below are among those that will no longer provide enough snow. While it is predicted that some of these facilities will begin relying on artificial snow, even that is unlikely to work for some.  Many of these Olympic venues will no longer be what we know…

Rising temperatures across the globe will render some of our most sought after skying destinations, locations considered “climatically unreliable.” That is to say, unable to provide snow on a regular basis.  *   Although geoengineering efforts have been underway for some time, these have not yet managed to stabilize the global climate.  *

Snow Zones Chart

Among some of these locations, some of which will be relying on artificial snow include Sochi (Russia), Grenoble (France), Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Germany), Chamonix (France), Vancouver (Canada) and Squaw Valley (US), with a number of others remaining at high risk.    Some of these are my favorite destinations!   For those of us who love the snow…  and who are still around by then…  (oh, but wait, with all the science and technology, it may not be so far fetched), this is a very sad forecast for several Olympic venues. 

We will also see a rise in winter sports in general increasingly being moved indoors, or taking place in simulated environments.  I wonder if our most active sports will likely be held in a room on a couch? Part of me believes that envisioning myself on some of the most challenging slopes in the world could be a fun thing since I will not be subjected to the cold and sometimes even freezing weather…  While it may be quite cool on the surface, I am not sure it can give me quite a comparable experience though.   I wonder how those of us who are hard core skiers feel?  Do you care to share?

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