Will Androids Take Away Jobs In The Future?

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Will androids replace us?  They certainly will… for certain positions.


It is predicted that by 2084, Androids will be widespread in law enforcement!  And it certainly will not stop there…  Looking ahead it is anticipated that fully autonomous, mobile robots, with human-like features and expressions will be present in many cities.*  In a way, it is not unlike the “City Vigils of Newdawn in 2098″… Visit www.newdawnreboot.com/spotlight to learn more about this.

Their capabilities will includes a wide range of functions.  These androids will be xtremely intelligent, operate among the population and provide relief to human officers.    Made to respond to emergencies, they will likely possess powerful sensory and communication abilities to deal with the public.  Plugged into the main networks, they will have access to bank account, tax, travel, shopping and criminal records.  Their facial recognition program will permit immediate identification of people on the streets.  They will likely be used in crowd control and riot situations, alleviating risks of serious confrontations to their human enforcement officers counter part.  Capable to function under any environmental conditions, they will free-up time for human-officers.  This sounds rather good so far… and quite a leap into pure science fiction.  Yet, many science fiction ideas have turned out to be science facts years later.

The androids power, strength and speed, while a resource as a possible first line of defense in combat situations could become quite intimidating to a general population.  The likelihood that their physical prowess surpasses ours and becomes an intimidating factor in the way we will relate to these formidable machines is quite high.    While certain controls will undoubtedly be part of their programming, these androids will be able to take on more than a few adversaries at the time, should this be needed.   To what extent will these control excessive force is still yet to be seen…

Part of me likes the idea that these could save lives under the right circumstances.  Another part of me wonders how much real control we will have once the foreseeable intelligence of the machine gains exponentially on us and our own brain power.  This brave new world and new frontier awaits.  Deep down do we really want this?

In NEWDAWN we see them as City Vigils in the streets of Ang city!

Photo and some information courtesy of FutureTimeline.net

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