Enhancements in the world of NEWDAWN will blow your mind!

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Inside Ang City, the large megapolis of 2098…  You can find many things including genetic engineering.

About our story…  We are the most technologically advanced society on the planet.  Inside our grids is established the DAINN Network, a global system spreading everywhere and monitoring our entire infrastructure.  People within our grids enjoy a great lifestyle.  Everything is provided for them.  They get to be who they are meant to be.  We have all kinds of people doing the things they were born to do, living the way they always wanted…  And others, who are of course, counter culture.   Find out how this works out!

Elladain Eyes


Within NEWDAWN people are who they want to be in a future designed to make them better, faster and stronger! Genetic engineering is a current thing among our people.  In addition to accessing implants, we are enhanced through our own genetic code. Everyone can pick and choose some of the attributes they wish to have!  Find out how…  And so goes the story of NEWDAWN.  A story written in the upcoming novel by Dominique Luchart and coming out soon…

Beyond the world of the Novel…  This is a story you can be a part of…   Find out how.  Get access: www.newdawnuniverse.com.   Read more about us in www.newdawnreboot.com/spotlight.  Become part of the Expedition at the Center!  We are looking for people as part of our general population registry for NEWDAWN and Ang City.  Sign up and receive your Welcome Package and the follow-up insider information you need to be part of our story!

Inside the Grids…  Know what you are stepping into…  Developed by the SRC, the Science Research Center, DAINN has been programmed to provide for everyone in spite of the challenges we face with climatic events across the globe.  DAINN’s attempts at correcting some of the problems are thwarted by tough conditions and dwindling resources.   The logic of the network in distributing resources to all is also infringed upon by hidden agendas from the leaders of our world and it multiple conclaves.  The implementation of some of the measures demanded by the elite instigates unrest among the rest of the population, leading to confrontation during what we call the Concord.  What happens next?  You’ll have to wait and read the book but you can certainly find out a lot of things by joining us now.  Get access… www.newdawnuniverse.com.

Register with the Center and get on board with the Expedition Members!  The General Population call for Ang City is underway:  www.newdawnuniverse.com.  To reach NEWDAWN, you must enter CRYO!

See you inside the grids, NEWDAWNERS!

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