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A Word To The fans About NEWDAWN And The Future

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Dominique Luchart Author of the NEWDAWN Saga

Dominique Luchart Author of the NEWDAWN Saga


Some of you have heard about NEWDAWN, and have been following the journey I have undertaken with this project for some time, while others are just now learning about it… And yet, the various facets of NEWDAWN can make one wonder what this is all about…

So, on the eve of the new book NEWDAWN ROAMERS coming out, I wanted to take a few minutes and address some of the questions a few of my friends asked me and clarify what NEWDAWN is about for my new fans.

NEWDAWN is very much a work in progress, due to the multiple layers of the project… NEWDAWN began as a book Saga, although it really started as a screenplay and is far from over. Coming from the independent film industry, developing a science fiction feature film is not easy due to budget constraints. At the time I came up with the idea, we were still in recovery from the world financial crisis of 2009. Yeap! It has been that long since I began working on it… Don’t worry though, this is not the only thing I have been focusing on since, although this is pretty much a passion project and considering the hours I spend on it, it could very well qualify as the only thing.

I am not Spielberg and I am not Lucas, nor am I Michael bay or J.J. Abrams, so for those who are not familiar with Hollywood, and the entertainment industry in general, mounting a science fiction film is far from easy. Most of the time, it is tantamount to impossible… unless one has made a name for itself at the Studios level. 

So, What Happened With NEWDAWN?

While I worked on the script, I really fell in love with the setting, the characters and the subject matter… And NEWDAWN grew. We can only do so much with a feature film… while a television series can last years, and a book can multiply into various volumes. So, this began my journey as an author. 

The straight roads to one’s goal are not always the fastest, they say… Well, in my case, I certainly cannot pretend that this bifurcation sped the process. Indeed it did not. But, while writing a book and especially a science fiction novel is not an easy task, I piled on myself the difficulty level. What have you done now, you ask? Well, while I am not George Lucas… I pulled a Lucas anyways… I set the first NEWDAWN novel in the future… 2098 to be exact, but it was not the first novel of the Saga… and neither is it the last one.

You should laugh, because I did. I had to… After writing two books back to back NEWDAWN REBOOT and NEWDAWN RETRIBUTION, my agent kindly asked me to give him the first volume of the series. And so… while I hoped to release these way back then… I was back to writing NEWDAWN ROAMERS. So, if you ask yourself well, where are these other volumes? I must tell you that they are on hold until a few additional volumes are completed… Don’t worry, I will not hold them back much longer.

The Case Of The Learning Curve… Nahhh, If Only!

 Talk about multiplying effort, right? I know. Oh, well…  This is part of my journey. One I wish to share with you so you can sort of get… me.

In spite of the delays, I love every minute I spend working on NEWDAWN.

One could say, it is the learning curve, I suppose… But while I certainly have not made it easy for myself, I can express this truth about me, I tend to think big… 

I won’t pretend otherwise. I cannot help it. I have been trained to think big in one of my previous endeavors, and it stunk… Working for national and international brands, one has to think big… and small. Maybe I think way too big for my own good, but I have a vision and I am following it.  Still, hold on, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I promise.

What Does It Means For NEWDAWN?

Let me back up a little bit… So I can explain what this means. Working in Hollywood as an filmmaker, one gets the picture really quick that making movies is not a really great way to make money as an independent. So, back in 2008, I had an idea… one I pitched to a large investment banking firm in New York. Within twenty minutes of the meeting, one that took place over breakfast at the Rockefeller Plaza, this idea turned into an actual project. It was exciting. It was great. It was fun. It was a huge amount of work. By the time we reached 2009, everything was in place but the economy! Big, bad, bummer…

The not so funny thing is that I had to put it all to the side for quite some time… Still, even counting the years, the project didn’t die. It remained very much alive in my mind. It shifted… and changed and evolved into the NEWDAWN vision of today. 

I waited and began writing NEWDAWN. I developed small phases, and determined how I would build the community, expending it into more content. It takes time and money… And while I figured things out, the blog came to life:

Enter The NEWDAWN Blog…

And… The future.

I have always looked ahead to see trends on the horizon. I am fascinated by that. As a futurist, the prospect of understanding what is unfolding in science and technology, and the way these innovations and discoveries will shape our lives and those following us, is pretty amazing.  

The NEWDAWN Blog is everything from science fiction to science facts. The correlation between what we develop today in science and technology, and their possible applications in the world of tomorrow impacts us and the future of our civilization and planet.  

While this knowledge serves me when I write the fiction novels of NEWDAWN, there exist the possibility that these discoveries will evolve in the way described in the various volumes of the NEWDAWN Saga and I make this correlation.

In the blog, I bring to the forefront some of the things that we see today, but I also link these things in some articles talking about the world of NEWDAWN… taking things a step further to one possible development. Why, you may ask? The reason is simple. Maintaining choices on how we decide to shape the future, determining the framework under which these advancements can be used or should be used are essential to hold on to ourselves.

The Future Ahead…

Until now, we have shaped our world. Today, we are beginning to shape ourselves. The advancements in science and technology will affect us greatly because we have entered an age where computers truly impact everything we do, and their development is quickly becoming exponentially faster.

These will impact everything in our lives… from our lifestyles to our systems, our workplace, our medical treatments, and even to our social interactions. 

Still, while science and technology develop at a rapid pace, the alterations their adoption engenders will place more slowly, almost insidiously.  

This evolution will permeate everything. It will spread across many arenas and it is taking place even as we speak under our very eyes. Most of us do not notice… We are busy with our lives and meeting the present head on to respond to the demand of work, family and life…

Accountability In Shaping The Way

It is easy not to see  imperceptible changes take root until they grow into a main stream habit adopted by most. 

Disruption rarely occur in the spotlight. One does not clamor about it at the top of one’s lung… Trends are shaped early on. 

New products introduced by corporations focus on early adopters in market research, studying the way certain personalities can affect a launch, altering the very fabric of a status quo. They spread across groups because influence drives them, leading to social proof pushing it forward… They are driven by prominent celebrities because of the cool factor or because of financial rewards. And they will hit mainstream.

The way we relate to one another has already transformed some of our patterns. Digital marketing, social media and global access to information shifted many things…

Implants are on the way to become extension of ourselves. As they take roots, they will affect the fabric of our society, often causing personal dilemmas and moral issues. These will alter us, impacting how we do things tomorrow… How we will behave in a few years or even fifty years from now…  How we will use them to gain superiority… Information and vision implants, enhanced memory, DNA alterations are just a few, but there are many others on the horizon. Changes to the way we grow food is inevitable, and can already be noticed globally. Jobs are undergoing a huge shift, demanding new training for workers.

Knowledge Is Indeed Power

Some of these changes are good, and some will be even great. Others may not be. Should we not be aware of them? Should we not weight in on them? Ignorance is no answer. Hiding our heads in the sand is no way to avoid what is coming… So, our choices must be conscious ones, if we do not wish to wake up in a world no longer of our own making.

This is why I created the NEWDAWN Blog, and I plan on expanding it with new features such as podcasts and videos based on original content focusing on the reality of today and that of tomorrow. From science fiction to science facts.

Dominique Luchart

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