Interview With Author Dominique Luchart

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Interview with Author Dominique Luchart

Interview with Author Dominique Luchart


Today our guest is the author and futurist Dominique Luchart with NEWDAWN Saga Novel A Scifi series for YA!  She is also a Director and Producer, leaving in LA. She is launching the first book of a SciFi/Fantasy series for YA, NEWDAWN ROAMERS. The books is about us in 2098 w/ Science & Tech paving the way to our future. The series is connected to Science Fiction and Science Facts… about shaping a future in the present and shifting perceptions about the various future we can have… ROAMERS offers one possible future. We have conducted an interview with her.

Why did you develop ‘DAINN’ as without emotions although it understand emotions? What will happen to your story if it is with emotions?

DAINN is an A.I. meant to serve us in the NEWDAWN Saga. Its programming is to preserve life. All sort of lives. The story will evolve and DAINN will face its own challenges in the next volumes, eventually finding its way to be “complete.” This is as much as I can say about DAINN’s journey for the first volume of the saga NEWDAWN ROAMERS.

How did the year ‘2098’ came into your mind (and story)? Why not other years like 2201?

I wanted the story line to be rooted in the near future because it is based on science and technology that is been developed as we speak… I did not want the story to take place so far away that this would just be another science fiction epic that does not relate to us. Although NEWDAWN is all about fiction and in some instance some fantasy, it maps one possible future for humanity. A future I think everyone should be aware of because we shape this possible future in the present, we pave the way to it today by our choices and decisions. Obviously, it is also fantasy, so I did take some liberty with the science and technology, advancing at times the things we have been able to accomplish by 2098. The number 8 is very important in NEWDAWN because it represents infinity and plays a role in the landscape of the entire saga.

What are the top 3 interesting futuristic technologies you would like to see?

The ability to live totally healthy lives. Curing potential illnesses with DNA mapping and preventive medicine, applied in the right way with genetic engineering and implants will provide the ability to cure humanity from any forms of illnesses so we can all live healthy, productive and happy lives. Halting the suffering of millions would be quite an achievement. With that comes of course the advantage of curbing old age and remaining young much, much longer. Immortality… here we come… opening the door to a whole lot of other problems. The choice remaining ours, of course. If we want to dream, we may as well make it a big dream.
Another cool technology is the ability to redesign ourselves, making ourselves stronger, faster, and smarter to accomplish things we can only dream of today, or that would take a long time to achieve, like learning new things without effort or superfast. Implants and technology will give us that ability, if we so select it.
Instant Travel at will… Having access to immediate transportation from one place to another. It would be really cool to carry a kind of device that allows oneself to go from one place to another at will.

What kind of content will be eliminated in the current educational system by 2097?

Hopefully none. Instead, I wish for us to enhance our knowledge base because we become what I call in the novel the “Perfect Humans,” and this can only be achieved by gaining knowledge and learning wisdom. Not a small endeavor and perhaps our greatest challenge as human beings. I realize part of it is a bit utopian, but if we do not set a high standard for ourselves, what can we expect of ourselves?

When you imagine yourself in the future, what would be the new ‘super powers’ you wish to possess in order to sustain in that world?

Super hero powers… Hum, so many to choose from. Perhaps the ability to slow down time and influence outcomes to avoid bad things from happening to people. I also think it would be cool to make people “happy” and provide them clarity about their choices in life. Now, just for fun having the ability to shape anything in the form and in any matter one wants at the touch of a finger would be really cool too.

What is essentially in the beauty of bridging the gap of what we know and what remains hidden behind closed doors?

I believe we are Here By Design… Knowing our roles instead of living blind to our purpose in this life is in my opinion a great gift, one that should not be overlooked. If we possessed the wisdom and knowledge to understand our decisions and choices and where they lead us, perhaps we would shape a better world for future generation, as we are only the caretakers of this wonderful planet we live on.
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