Looking to the Future

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2020. Procedural storytelling. 5G. Machine vision. Eye wear embedded screens. Powered exoskeleton. Personalized medicine. Meta-materials. Photovoltaic glass. Space tourism.

2022. Computational photography. Fabric-embedded screens. Synthetic biology. Carbon nanotubes. Commercial UAVs. In-vitro meat.

2025. Domestic robots. Stem-cell treatments. Biomaterials. Biomechanical harvesting. VR-only lifeforms. Telepresence. Holography. Context-aware computing. Optical invisibility cloaks. Piezo-electricity.

2027. Reprogrammable chips. Reputation economy. 2028. Vertical farming. Interplanetary internet.

2030. Optogenetics and gene therapy.

2032. Nanogenerators and sea-steading.

2033. Hybrid assisted limbs, molecular assembler, artificial photosynthesis. Exabyte storage standard.

2034. Enernet, lunar outposts. Terabit internet speed standard.

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