NEWDAWN Launch Party in Paris – Press Release

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NEWDAWN Launch Party in Paris – Press Release

December 5, 2017, Paris France.  Windom Media launches in Europe as headline sponsor with Adaming Group at The French Canadian Chamber Of Commerce year-end event in the City of Paris Townhall. (PRWEB) December, 4 2017.

The event Hosted by CFCC President Daniel Jouanneau and Paris Mayor Annie Hildalgo, sees guests, dignitaries and CEOs from the worlds of Entertainment, Government, Finance and Corporate Multinationals come together to network and further relationships for the Digital Future. Building on Paris and Montreal respectively hosting the 2024 Olympic Games and the 2021 Games of the Francophonie with its 3,000 athletes featuring sporting, but also cultural competitions, the theme centers around the smart city.

Windom Media Announces Its Transmedia Project

CEO, Dominique Luchart of Windom Media, Inc., the holding for the futuristic Transmedia project, NEWDAWN 2098 and its NEWDAWN Saga Novels. Similarly, the event featured the launch of the NEWDAWN Network that showcases Reality and Fiction programming in the Digital Age. “It is all about the world of Tomorrow, with the theme “Discover Tomorrow Today”. “Nowadays, the line is even thinner if not blurred between what we perceive as Science Fiction and Science Facts” – says Luchart, “which is why the Adaming and Windom partnership is so relevant.”

Adaming, with its technology expertise provides companies from Start-ups to Global Multinationals, with the best qualified individuals that fit the new Digital Culture. Furthermore, it focuses on their training to adapt in this new era. The Adaming Group is currently present in North America, Europe and Africa.

“Remaining relevant in this fast-evolving global landscape to maintain a lead in the marketplace demands – Thinking Digital.” Windom’s Network Reality Channel, with its “futurist approach to creative and its production expertise creates content on tomorrow and for tomorrow.” Of course, the emphasis is not to promote message and brand. Instead, it is to uniquely position them so the audience of tomorrow can relate to them in a digital world. “We are positioned upstream of Communication, Public Relations and Advertising Agencies. We do not channel a company’s message and brand; they fill that role,” says Luchart.

A Vision For The New Social

Windom positions a Brand within a specific channel’s or show’s context. This is done with the audience in mind, as they also have a definite say. Although Luchart has years of successful Ad experience (she has garnered over 50 Addy awards), her vision is truly focused on the Social and Digital future. Luchart believes “Newdawn Network’s vision is the New Social where businesses, educational organizations, governments, and everyday people engage, communicate and build the mutually-beneficial communities of the future.”

Correspondingly, the announced Fiction Channel will be the platform and the bridge for all things Sci-Fi. The Reality Channel will focus on Science, Technology and Innovations. It will feature interviews, discussions, podcasts with leading scientists and futurists. In addition, it will invite public interaction. Moreover, it will showcase Windom- produced entertainment content. The aim is to stream series and games derived from Luchart’s Newdawn Saga Novels, out in Stores for the holidays.

Likewise, to meet the demands of the Digital World and the Network’s content production, Malibu-based Windom has recently opened offices in the New-Technology Heartland like Vancouver, Canada. A planned expansion with offices in London, UK in 2019 is currently underway.

Luchart’ over-the-horizon vison for the Newdawn Network is “to be a relevant influencer for the future.”  NEWDAWN and its Network, participate in shaping the path ahead. “We drive the momentum to maintain a grasp on our transmutation. As a matter of fact, thus far, we have changed the world around us. Now, we enter the era where we will begin transforming ourselves. Hopefully, to create a better world around us,” concludes optimistically Luchart.

For more information on the NEWDAWN Network or Windom Media, please contact: or 800 340 7011.

Fiction — and in early 2018 the NEWDAWN Channel and its community,

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