Artificial Intelligence transforms the global digital landscape !

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Artificial Intelligence Transforms The Global Digital Landscape !

Brace yourself… The future is here as Artificial Intelligence and machine learning transform the global digital landscape… although we may not yet see its impact. Do you ever wonder what is coming? I know I do. Do you worry about how you will maneuver this changing world we live in? I have indeed, as the ground shifts under our very feet. Do you wonder what place you will take in this new landscape and how you will maintain a lead to keep thriving as an individual in business? I am focused on the same issues, so let me share with you what I have grasped about tomorrow.

Change is here now… 

The global digital landscape today is the realm where change moves unabashedly fast, unrestrained due to science, technology and innovation shaping the way to a new way of life for all of us. In this new era where machines will undoubtedly affect how we live our lives and do business,  competing to achieve success will require new initiatives. The future is here now, albeit still invisible in the new processes it weaves.

The big question for all of us remains can we stay relevant, as the fabric upon which we have built our businesses shifts under our very feet? Tomorrow Today is not an idle saying for as we speak, the web of transformation is taking place.

Branding Does Not Work Like It Used To…

How can your brand be heard or seen and followed because it resonates with your audience? The amount of data and information to process nowadays is staggering. Each of us faces this same issue. To compete, we can only do so with a grasp about where technology is taking us. And this path is far from clear for big or small companies. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning will impact how data and information is processed by all of us. The tools, while not readily available to the majority of us will shape this transformation. We already live the future because the underlying infrastructure on which we have built our lives has shifted… 

The Demand For Digital Assets Is Growing

Standing apart from the competition and impacting fans with our messages will require digital assets on an ongoing basis. This will demand more and more of our time for the development of these assets, while there will exist more content to compete against. This even more so than what we face today. Some of this content will be automated to the point where unless we have access, we will lose our position and eventually be lost in a faceless crowd.

The Tools In The Road Ahead

Automation access, plug ins, robots, will deal with some of these issues. Our success will depend on what we use and how it  affects our customers. The experience of the future for our fan base will continue to expand into new connectivity and experiential environments. The draw back is that all of this is costly and therefore less achievable for the small businesses.

Partnerships To Gain Access To New Networks

Momentum can therefore be gained by working within networks to access more reach. This translates into the necessity to form partnerships. These can be small, so long as it takes us from one realm of influence to another. They can also take different forms and go across different industries, so long as they relate to providing value to our customers.

Rallying our customers around our products will test our creativity. This is the one sphere where we maintain our advantage in the future. Human creativity will indeed give us an edge as we compete in a world run by machines.

Artificial Intelligence Impacting Content Strategy 

Possessing a content strategy no matter our brand is key. Building one that holds the tide of time requires the use of a new methodology based on automation and multiple platforms. Even this will demand constant updates. Soon analytics will change with the advent of A.I. affecting content strategy. Still, by knowing more about our customers, understanding their habits and preferences, will allow us to create better and more on target content strategies.

Accessibility Remains A Factor

Some of this evolution is happening today, but we have not yet faced the onslaught of this transformation. For most of us, A.I. is not readily accessible, and yet we must contend with this reality. So, how can we generate the loyalty that guarantees that tomorrow, we will still have a fan base? Building our own authentic voice, based on our own stories and doing so outside the main stream could very well be the only way the small companies can maintain a presence in the future.  

These are all questions we struggle with every day. These are the challenges we face, as we fight for a piece of the marketplace against competitors that may have already cornered our field of dreams: the niche or market segment we seek to convert and make our very own.

Analytics And Machine Learning Influencing Market Complexity

Most businesses today do not have a content strategy. In fact about 63% of the businesses out there face this challenge. Tying content strategy and business goals is part of achieving  and maintaining customer reach and goes way beyond the development of an editorial calendar.

Marketing Constant

Measuring ROI by establishing key performance indicators is also part of the process. Personalizing your content following an audience segmentation road map is another piece of the equation. Re-purposing content and curating this content for various distribution channels will become more involved unless automation is used to facilitate these steps. As of now, incorporating more types of content will expand reach with various audience segments. This is something we can all do, although it does require more time. 

Shift In The Global Digital Landscape Presents One Of Today’s Challenge 

You are not alone in that fight. In fact, you rather keep a very good company for we are all in it together. This shift is underway and there is no stopping it. The only task ahead for all of us, if we do not wish to be obsolete in months from now, is to jump on board a speeding bullet train. Indeed, as things move exponentially faster, we move slower to the point of standing in place without realizing it.

Dominique Luchart 

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