NEWDAWN Insights An Interview with Dan Salem and author/creator Dominique Luchart

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1 – Tell us about your background, professionally and personally, and what excites you most about the work you’re doing.

Newdawn is a bridge between today and tomorrow and with my advertising experience, production background and my JD degree, I get to exercise these various facets in the creative and writing process I love… As a futurist and author, I look over the horizon to watch the shape of things to come. This process is a fascinating thing for me. The ties between our world today and what might be tomorrow. We shape our future every day with every actions we take. It is inspiring if we think about it. Exploring the possibilities of that world, and creating scenarios, even if some are far fetched and others not so much, in order to pave a better world for the next generation is incredibly powerful. Science fiction/science facts help shape that future because what we imagine is the seeds of our reality.

2 – What make Newdawn special? How does it stand out from/compare to popular sci-fi universes?

In a way, Newdawn is a bridge between today and tomorrow.

It sets the paths for a different way of life. A life that with the advent of A.I. is already here. This is so whether we see the transformation at this time or not. Artificial Intelligence is transforming the global landscape of what we know. It sets a different infrastructure for our world, creating a new methodology for everything it touches. And it does touch on everything or soon will… The ramifications are widespread. The influence, while remaining yet invisible, exist today… only we are yet to see its full impact.

So, Newdawn brings some of the possibilities into focus.

It addresses some of the issues we will face. I brings our humanity into questions. It establishes a landscape for choices, for unless we become aware of the changes, we cannot affect them. Nothing can be worse than to wake up one day in a world no longer of our own making. We must remain the leaders of our destiny as human beings.

A.I. will transcend this notion in many ways. So, it is imperative that we maintain a grip on how this technology will be used for the betterment of mankind. It does not stop with A.I… as we move ahead, science, technology and innovation play a keen role in that landscape. Accordingly we will face many issues, practical and ethical ones. But Newdawn is also the basis of great storytelling with an entertaining world building component that sets the stage for powerful drama, and this is the other fun part of a project like Newdawn.

3 – How did you first get into science fiction? What was your inspiration for the world of Newdawn?

I grew up reading, and a lot of that reading was science fiction based. It shaped the way I look at the world. The ability to be within a sphere where there is no limit to where we can go and do as people, because of our imagination, is an awesome capability of the human brain.

Observing where the new frontiers of science and technology are taking us, is part of the inspiration for Newdawn. Of course, there is a grain of fantasy in the story as well. This is where my own heart goes, triggered by some of the values I hold dear. In that environment, the constraints imposed by rules made by others no longer exist. In fact, these rules, unlike what we know in real life, no longer matter. They can easily be changed, shaped, controlled or simply discarded. They can evolve with each page of the novel, so long as the right set up exist. As human beings, we are not just one thing. We indeed have many facets and our world is filled with nuances. We can and should explore as possibilities under different scenarios. This is the fascinating part of my work.

4 – What is the project (other than Newdawn) you are most proud of?

Life is possibly my most serious project, growing as an individual and learning every day, adapting, dreaming and caring for the people I love. This is probably not the answer you were looking for… But as we grow, we learn. Work is work and there are a lot of projects I have enjoyed in the course of my career, but living in the right way is possibly the most rewarding of them all.

5 – Do you have a mentor, or person you aspire to be like?

There are many great people that I learn from every day, in business and in my personal life. Mentors are part of our life journey, and they happen to be there when we need them. There are no coincidences. They come into our lives based on the different phases we go through as we grow. I have enjoyed the privileges of knowing some of the best coaches, and be inspired by great minds and those I have not met, I get to know through their books…

Elon Musk is high on my list in terms of his work, philosophy and the way he approaches life. So is Sir Richard Bronson. But the work of Reed Hasting is also one to be watched for the transformation he impacted with digital streaming… Newdawn can certainly build upon a similar approach, although we have developed a business model of our own that is suited to our goals and niche. Our playground landscape is much smaller. They are all great leaders with their own style and approach.

6 – What’s it like working internationally, as opposed to in Los Angeles?

I love working in Europe. There is a different sensibility in the way people get involved in a project and usually, it is based on relationships and a longer term approach. This proves often to be a good thing. On the other hand, things do not necessarily move as fast as in the US and since I love it here, it’s great to be able to do both.   

7 – Briefly describe the evolution of the world of Newdawn, books, product line, video series, etc. Where did it start and where is it going?

Newdawn is about building a community, the tribe of tomorrow and for tomorrow. It is about creating the lifestyles of the future. Building awareness about what is coming as the global digital landscape is transforming the way we work and interact with each other.

The potential we possess to shape a better world exist in ourselves, and we can harness our individual powers to safeguard our environment and the values we hold dear for the betterment of humankind. Science and technology open the way to great things, but there is danger in how we progress in our choices. The solutions we devise must be carefully crafted.

This is what Newdawn is all about. This takes many shapes, from being caretakers of our planet by producing products that are eco friendly and natural, to creating compelling content and programming that build awareness, hope, and entertain to engage the worldwide audience.  

8 – What’s your favorite hobby?

I have many because I like to do many things. Otherwise, I would get bored easily, if I were to do the same thing over and over again. I like to experience new things. So, while reading is my constant, I enjoy hiking. Anything that gets me outdoor and moving about is always a good thing.

9 – What are you most passionate about?

Probably Newdawn… And Nature is A big Part of It.

But my love for animals and my wish to protect them comes up high on my list. It is our responsibility to do so since we are at the top of the food chain. I have adopted many pets and rescued others, bot cats and dogs. But our wildlife is at risk and so are our oceans, one of our most important assets. We are irreversibly damaging it and not enough is done to reverse that although many organizations work tirelessly to change that. These are worthy causes, but there are so many others in need of support. This is one of the reasons, we plan on incorporating some of these in our programs as we grow. We want to give back in different ways. This is in fact one of the differentiating factors we wish to make clear as part of Newdawn’s goals for the future.

10 – Who is your favorite character in the world of Newdawn?

Tesh… She is a dream character, strong, powerful, fearless, adventurous and yet so vulnerable. Her heart makes her conflicted in many ways, yet like in all of us, we get used to certain things and it is hard to break the mold. There are other great characters though. I love all of them because they bring growth into the world of Newdawn and for that, I am grateful to them. They make the Newdawn journey worthwhile, surprising and never boring.

Questions By Dan Salem

Dominique Luchart Interview

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