What Is NEWDAWN? A Look Into the Future

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The First Novel of the Saga…

What is Newdawn if not a look into the future and the first novel of the Saga… Newdawn Roamers is a scifi fantasy romance adventure for young adults or the young at heart. The story is all about love, relationships, friendships and challenges set in a Dystopian future. It has strong female characters we can relate to even today.

A Look Into The Future

Similarly, traveling into the future is now made easier with a glimpse into the world of tomorrow. Newdawn Roamers opens a window into 2098 and gives us a look into the future. Accordingly, the near future brings us to a technology driven society struggling for control against an environment that slowly unravels on a planet in turmoil.

Artificial Intelligence

This begins the series of volumes for the NEWDAWN Saga. We are wired to an A.I., DAINN, which oversees our physical well-being and monitors our health with preventive medicine and implants. DAINN also runs the infrastructure of an entire planet under competing agendas vying for power.

A Glimpse At Tomorrow

As a science fiction and fantasy series, Newdawn dives into the effects science and technology may have on our human species and the adjustment to an A.I. running society by the time we reach 2098.

Of course, the future perceived by me although bright in many ways, transforms us into a new species… One who is smarter, stronger, and faster. We even enjoy a new type of longevity without illnesses. As an author and futurist, I draw many parallels with our current challenges and evolution. In fact, these take into account the understanding that our choices today will dictate what we encounter tomorrow. Indeed, until now we have changed our environment to be more convenient for us. But now, for the first time in our evolution, we are embarking on a journey where we will begin changing ourselves for the age of the machine. It is inevitable, if we are to keep up with science and technology and where the advances we make today in these fields take us.

Our Evolution Into A New Species

As a result, the Newdawn story offers glimpses of what we face as a society and a species yet provides a new dimension into the future of our world as climate change, artificial intelligence and genetic engineering among many other things play a significant part in what makes the Newdawn Saga such an important story.

What is NEWDAWN – A look into the future

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Dominique Luchart

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