Dominique Luchart Book Signing

Will We Have A Planet In 2098?

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What Will Our Lives Look Like?

What will our lives look like in 2098? Dominique Luchart, a multi-faceted creative trailblazer calls on her experience as a futurist, filmmaker, and science fiction author to address these questions in a lively conversation with Phil and Nabeel as part of the Podcast Nomad Futurist. Check it out:

Looking Ahead

“I always felt at home relating to tomorrow,” she shares, citing Isaac Asimov and French sci-fi author René Barjavel as major influences. “I liked how they addressed the human issues, the moral implications with regard to technology, what we will fight against as well as welcome.”

A Digital World

The global digital landscape evolution is changing everything around us and the transformation takes place faster than we ever anticipated. The bottom line is that no one is ready for it. With science and technology moving as quickly as they are, it is easy to believe that unless we set the right checks and balances we may go off the rail.

We will have a new world, a new way of life, and we must prepare but first, we must conquer this pandemic.

Issues We Need To Solve First

The Pandemic is making things move even faster than predicted and many people are at a loss on how to adapt to this new world. “We need to catch up to the new technology and for that governments must develop programs to train people so that they learn new ways to work, to communicate, to create, to earn a living.”

This shift is not going away. It is here to stay and unless the population as a whole is provided with knowledge on how to adapt, they will be left behind. It will be a watershed for the economies worldwide. Perhaps it is even more so here in the United States because our country is so big, so disparate, and currently so divided. Of course, we need to stabilize from this pandemic and give financial support to those who need it the most first, and ensure that the support reaches them.

It is the imperative of the moment.

Author: Dominique Luchart

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