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Take A Trip With Me!

Better Days Ahead

I hope you are staying safe out there. What a time we live in…  I am saddened by all the heartbreak we witness. It’s not fun out there, not remotely inspiring, and our challenges seem to be increasing daily. Our isolation is not easy for anyone, and more than ever we need to reach out to each other to ensure that we share all the good old fashion values America was built upon. I believe they exist still in all of us. Life is a cycle, and cycles come and go, and soon we will get out of this crazy, irrational, dividing moment in our history as human beings. I certainly hope so.

Departing For Better Shores

But until then, a time to escape a few minutes each day seems right to me. So, I selected an excerpt of NEWDAWN that I thought fit our times. In many ways, NEWDAWN carries these important values, portraying our world as science and technologies take us on a new path, while we hold on to our humanity. And sharing a little bit of the NEWDAWN spirit makes sense to me, even if in Ang things are not all rosy.

In a way, the period in which we live reminds me of Tesh’s struggle as she watches her world disintegrate under her very eyes… These few words are the essence of the NEWDAWN series.


Take a moment for yourself, come with me into the future as I share an excerpt of

“The Universal Pledge called for us to be as we are to oneself, caring and respectful, loving and tolerant, generous, and responsible. I was about to break that rule for the benefit of another. We ethically refuse to destroy other life forms, whatever the reason, and remain receptive to the teachings we recognize as essential in pursuing our life goals.

My father had taught me the value of beliefs, the set of principles upon which one must build their life. And most of all, respect for life, all lives. He inspired in me habits like not rushing to conclusions or judging. Questioning what appears set, for nothing truly is. Looking upon everyone as your friend, no matter the status they hold. Finding the alternatives, for they always exist. Seeking the truth of the moment behind appearances for there is always one reason. Steering my life in such a direction that I never regret action or inaction. Keeping my heart open, but steeling myself against expectations. Never, ever losing the core and essence of who I am once I recognize it. He taught me to live… Not solely exist.

My mother had instilled in me a code of conduct that paved my upbringing in such a way that DAINN chose me. Act like you want other people to act. Give respect to those who deserve it, politeness to others. Unless you find the one you want to share everything with, keep your thoughts to yourself… Command when there are no alternatives; otherwise, rally and lead. Follow the outcomes your soul seeks, but allow your heart to pave the way, and your head to learn the steps.

Throughout their lives, both of my parents had behaved under the Pledge. The Universal Pledge dictated our actions, even when those became unpopular among our community. My family never faltered under pressure.

The Pledge guided a particular way of being. It was bestowed upon us by our predecessors. As one passes through this life, we remained caretakers of each other and our planet, respecting life, every life which became our goal, and the ultimate fulfillment. Aspiring to that thing was the thing.

But circumstances called for actions that went against these fundamental rules. In these dreadful instances, some departed from the Pledge, ignoring its guidance. My parents had never agreed with that stance. No matter the problem. They had always looked for a different way as individuals. This position gave them an unpopular status among our leaders. I was about to do the same.

My commitment to preserving life outweighs my loyalty to my friends, and I hated it.”


If you wish to take a closer look at our Book Teaser – Departure, please click HERE.

Thank you and Cheers!

Author: Dominique Luchart

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