The Latest News For You!

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The Latest News For You!

Second Novel of the Series:


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I am so excited to bring you the latest news on NEWDAWN CENTRAL as the final days of editing move on. We are in the final stages as copy edits have been turned on and we are now going over them.  After that, one more stage before the manuscript gets locked!

Dream Readers For CENTRAL

The ECR (Early Readers Copy) will be provided next and of course, for those of you who are new to my process, here is how we proceed on that… My early reader’s group received the FREE copy of NEWDAWN CENTRAL in return for a REVIEW. Stay tuned for more information on this. I will provide details as soon as I can.

Editing The Novel…

This is a step that demands a lot of details and a lot of feedback. So I finished the manuscript, but now we are into fine-tuning everything.

This step includes multiple phases. For those of you not totally in the loop on copy edits, the manuscript is written, with plots, characters, and storyline pretty much set in stone (although I have been known to tweak even that stage).

At the moment, we are going over language, tone, dialog, word choice, and grammar. We review every sentence, punching things up and shortening where needed.

Other Eyes Make A Huge Differences

An editor specializes in copy edits, typos, and such… It makes a huge difference because at this time I know the copy so well that I don’t see everything. 

Checking the latest manuscript from top to bottom also allow me to focus on continuity as one of the last passes. This is one crucial key for me because there are so many characters coming into the story, with each of them having their back story, the point in which they enter the timeline of NEWDAWN, and of course, their specific setting. I deal with several years at the same time, so keeping track of my timeline demands a map.

Keeping The Characters In Line With Their Fundamental Roles

There is one thing I like to do about my characters. Because I deal in the future, and I work within the DAINN System as the backdrop for the story, I like to create their Academy Profile under the DAINN Network. At this point, I review their style sheet which delivers everything, their personality, characteristics, look and feel, how they are described when they show up inside the timeline and plots, and who they are…  This is super helpful to me because I am dealing with so many interweaving and overlapping POV’s.

As part of this step, I thought I would share something fun with all my readers regarding these NEWDAWN characters. To provide visual information, I started creating their Academy Profile within the DAINN Network which looks like a futuristic tablet with the picture of each of them. Actually, you may have already received the one I made for Tesh. If not, it may be that you subscribed to the emails after it was already sent, but don’t worry, I plan on publishing many more and catching you up on all of them in the near future with a Special Edition Compilation.

Formatting The Various Books

When we get done with copy edits, we begin the proofs stage for the EBooks, the Paperback and the Hardback. I will be going over each manuscript, the way it will look, as a final book.

Almost There!

At this point, I have read NEWDAWN CENTRAL many times. The last few reads, I was still enthralled with it and I hope it translates onto the pages for your read!

Thank you and Cheers!

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