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Trump administration blacklists Xiaomi as a ‘Communist Chinese military company’, Sean Hollister

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Image: Xiaomi With six days left in office, the Trump administration has decided to put one more Chinese electronics giant in its sights: Xiaomi, the world’s number three phone manufacturer. The US Department of Defense is now designating Xiaomi as a “Chinese Communist military company,” meaning it’s now vulnerable to Trump’s executive order that bans the US from investing in …

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The Galaxy A32 5G debuts in Europe as Samsung’s cheapest 5G phone, Allison Johnson

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The Galaxy A32 5G offers a 6.5-inch display and 5,000mAh battery. | Image: Samsung Echoing a theme that will be repeated a lot more this year, Samsung has announced a very inexpensive 5G phone. The Galaxy A32 5G is debuting in Europe first, starting at €279 for a 64GB version or €299 for 128GB. There’s no official word yet on …

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BMW becomes the latest automaker to shut down its subscription service, Andrew J. Hawkins

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BMW is suspending its two-year-old car subscription service, The Verge has learned. Access by BMW was launched in 2018 in Nashville as a pilot project to test out whether customers would want to have access to a fleet of fancy cars but not necessarily own one. But recent requests to sign up have been met with a disclaimer that the …

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Intel updates its NUC lineup, including a follow-up to its Hades Canyon gaming mini-PC, Mitchell Clark

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Image: Intel Intel is updating its Next Unit of Computing (NUC) lineup of miniature computers with its 11th Gen processors, and it’s again including a gaming-focused model. The NUC 11 Enthusiast is a follow-up to the NUC 8 Hades Canyon from 2018, which managed to pack triple-A gaming performance (not to mention I/O that rivaled a full-size desktop) into a …

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WandaVision can be weird because Marvel has already won, Chaim Gartenberg

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Photo: Marvel Studios WandaVision is the Marvel universe’s most comic book show yet, if not in content at least in concept. It’s a dense-looking storyline that will be released on an episodic basis, with characters and a setting that are virtually impenetrable to new viewers — so much so that Marvel Studios even went so far as to produce a …

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Instacart will give shoppers $25 when they take time off to get the coronavirus vaccine, Kim Lyons

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Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images Instacart will give its shoppers — the workers who pick and fill grocery store orders for customers — a $25 stipend for the time they take off to get a coronavirus vaccine, the company announced Thursday. Beginning February 1st, any full-service Instacart shopper in North America who has shopped at least five batches — which …

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How to deactivate your Twitter account, Monica Chin

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There’s no questioning the benefits of Twitter. It’s a convenient way to get your memes, world news, and pop culture hot takes all in one place. But being an active Twitter user requires sifting through a daily deluge of toxic characters, including QAnon, white supremacists, bots, deepfakes, and more (although you can’t find Donald Trump there any more). Plus, there’s …