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The digital divide is a revolution, changing everything around us.

It is entirely transforming our infrastructure, and most of us do not see this conversion. The metamorphosis is taking over in some of the most insidious ways, in all the domains of our lives.

This transformation is undeniable. We cannot stop it. We can ride it or not, but if we select not to take the wave of change, we fall into obsolescence. Obsolescence with drastic consequences because we stop evolving and adapting. For us to remain relevant, demands change, and this goes for companies and individuals. Relevance sees us growing, and meeting challenges. And for most of us, change is uncomfortable and scary because we do not know where it leads us. For these reasons, we fear change. We resist it. We work hard to avoid it. It is human nature.

But let us keep in mind that change presents new opportunities, forcing us to evolve and grow stronger, which is a good thing.

So, how do we prepare? We adjust and stay in the game!

What else are we to do?

Keeping our eyes open to the upcoming transformation and adapting demands agility of the mind and acceptance. The advances in A.I. will link our world to everything dealing with our “infrastructures.” To access products and services, we will be connected to multiple A.I. from multiple companies until the big guys take the lead and we find ourselves with the next big A.I. from Google or Amazon, or a brand new company. Being digitally connected will demand more than having access to our cell phones or computer. Soon, we will no longer get answers from a human but from a real A.I. chatbot because the traditional customer service department will be obsolete, and if we are among the lucky ones, our personal A.I. will interface with all the other A.I. out there.

We will then have a choice, at least for a while. Connection via our cell phones will be available for a time, but proper connectivity will mean Imps/Internet brain connectivity. And when the trend sets, we will have to dive in to keep up as more people will adopt this new standard. Yet, even as we do, we do not truly understand the impact this will have on all of us.

However, I am pretty confident that we will not see it coming, not until A.I. takes over our lives. It will deal with our schedules, interests, needs, health, surveilling our physical condition, nutrition, and most of all, work. We will rely on it from the most mundane tasks to more complex ones. To access an efficiency level, our world population will adopt Implants or Imps, and the Installs will proliferate across the globe. Our entire infrastructure will have by then affected us physically. At some point, most of us will clamor for more because things will be so much easier. Yet, while the transition is arduous, we will come to rely on A.I. until we can no longer live or imagine a world without it. It will happen like things are happening now, insidiously.

A New Reality Awaits Us

One of the most challenging things for us to do in a period of adversity, and we can all agree this is such a period, is to face reality. Yet, if we are to survive, humanity needs to adapt. As individuals and as a species, we must squarely face what is in front of us. Innovation, technology, and science will continue to drive this process.

All aspects of our lives demand an overhaul. We have witnessed the shift to everything going online because of the pandemic. This evolution is here to stay. Commercialization, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, energy, agriculture, finance, communication, media, education, transportation, healthcare, and other sectors like government, safety, and security, and even the military will see new integrated systems with fewer humans in interventions on the ground. For those of us who are entrepreneurs, we must pivot quickly to stay ahead.

Good Or Bad?

For some, this digital evolution will be a relief, taking out all the headaches of knowing enough about technology to handle our businesses and our lives. It will give us more freedom to do more creative things, relinquishing the repetitious, and mundane tasks. For others, it will be perceived as a threat, and we will resent losing our freedom. Frankly, I think we will experience a little of both. So get ready.

Over The Horizon

As an author and futurist, I look over the horizon to see the shapes of things to come. It is the reason DISCOVER TOMORROW TODAY and NEWDAWN exists to help create and expand consciousness – building a bridge between today and tomorrow.

What will tomorrow bring?

Between now and 2098, the digital revolution will affect our cities and towns’ infrastructure, our travels, our working lives, our food, our leisure, and our health. So, what does it mean for us as individuals? We will need to be extremely agile.

And this is where the danger lies. I have already hinted at what we will undergo as a transformation. But this transmutation may take us down a path we will not like. What if our human nature, following its natural inclination, leads us to a place that opens the door to the end of us as we know ourselves? What if our human tendencies and imagination, our unstoppable curiosity, our ingenuity, and our genius minds take us down a journey of discovery to a new, uncontrollable era where we transform more than our environments? What if our actions lead us to new frontiers – changing ourselves so much that we become a new species, a trans-humans one?

It is already happening!



For the first time in history, we possess the capability to do so. A few years ago, it started with implants into the brain, helping the blind see shapes in black and white. It is now expanding globally to implants helping to control prostheses. A while back, we began working with emerging technologies on gene therapy like CRISPR. It opened a gateway to what we might have considered science fiction then and which is now science fact. Envision what might be next? The notion is great if it improves our life experience but, how far will we go? These are questions we must ask ourselves.

To keep up with everything around us, we will adapt physically. The question is how much and to what degree? Ethical and moral considerations abound on these issues. I will not dive into them today. But it is a conversation that must take place.

The first steps into tomorrow

Our homes will expand exponentially into smarter environments, with domestic bots and A.I. answering to our every need. It will be nice not to have to deal with cleaning the house, going grocery shopping, cooking, or running errands. Yes, I said it. I want my very own domestic bot! I will consider that a great relief in the mundane tasks of my daily life. Who has time to do laundry these days?

From the tip of the iceberg and into space

Imagine while we evolve into the next generation of ourselves and our species, changes continue to happen around us. Science will drive our progress into a formidable new reality and an incredible new us. Technology will push the limits of what is possible in our immediate vicinity or across the globe. Think of 3 D printers, which will soon be in every home, and drone deliveries coming for just about everything in our near future. Haptic feedback kits already exist, and gamers are ready to try the new technology that allows them to feel a real sense of “lifelike” in virtual reality mode. I have tried it… And while it is not yet there, advances are making leaps and bounds toward this new frontier.

Both science and technology will drive our exploration to the outskirts of space. We are already dealing with upcoming commercial flights to the moon. Besides flying cars around our air space, we will soon see hotels in space, subsonic rail trains, and virtual holidays. Yes, I said it. Virtual holidays to take from the comfort of our couch in your living room.

Touching the future now…

The NEWDAWN series, the DominiqueFactor podcast, and soon DISCOVER TOMORROW TODAY videos series bring all these changes to the forefront of our lives. DominiqueFactor and DISCOVER accomplish this with reality, while NEWDAWN embraces fiction, storytelling, and entertainment, taking you on a journey through time and space, with intricate world-building and a sense of romance and adventure from 2018 to 2098 and beyond. Amidst * “twists and turns, great characters, time and space moving with speed and grace, wonderful internal, thoughtful dialogue, NEWDAWN is a fantastical world of too real today and a glimpse of a too real future,” commented one reader.

Science Fiction And Science Fact Are Not An Idle Saying

In NEWDAWN, a planetary A.I., DAINN, oversees our well-being, monitors our health, deals with day-to-day activities of cities, schedules industrial and manufacturing operations, manages entire population segments, oversees civilians’ safety, addresses security and military forces, and watches for ongoing global warming events and cataclysms on the planet to safeguard us. By 2098, we are near “Perfect Humans,” more robust, faster, and smarter with a life span longer than we can even dream of, but ironically, our beautiful blue planet can no longer sustain us.

But since we all live in the actual world, and we know global warming exists, I believe there is still hope for us yet, even as we acknowledge to ourselves that we have passed the tipping point. Our actions today impact our tomorrow.

Dr. Dominique Luchart

Author & Futurist

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