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Domestic robot cooking a meal according to Newdawn and MidJourney A.I.


Our attitudes and behaviors dictate the results in our lives. We all know this much. So, why we eat what we eat and how we use food to socialize and interact with others is a massive component of the world we shape. The future of food is at the center of the changes we should expect. Imagine for a moment what it will be like in fifty or seventy-five years with our food supplies. There are definitely new trends in food in the years ahead.

Domestic cooking bots according to Newdawn and MidJourney A.I.

Today, many of us prefer to eat food produced locally, especially if we are health conscious. It is a glorious thing for our planet. But our reality may go much further. Adopting new attitudes when it comes to mealtimes will require adaptation. What if we no longer need to be in the kitchen cooking? What if our 3D printer does the work of producing Michelin-starred meals in a matter of seconds? It could very well be a beautiful reality, especially for those of us who do not enjoy cooking.

Pizza delivery by cooking drones according to Newdawn and MidJourney A.I.

Food in fashion dictates much about our attitude and the way we welcome fresh and intriguing combinations of food. We welcome and embrace the cool. We are eager to try the latest. We jump at the thought to be the first to promote something that tasted great. It is a fact whether we are dealing with the new artisanal novelty or the latest trend from well-known chefs.

Local Products Only!

Still, we also need to look at our world and the predictions confronting us in the future. Our natural resources are dwindling, and with an ever-growing population and with increased global warming, there is more pressure on land and resources. So, we may have to think in terms of new healthy ingredients to soothe our palates. As our climate warms, tropical fruits like Caci fruit, cashew fruit, or guanabana will grow closer to home. We will see the availability of more limited grains like teff increase. Similarly, nuts like macadamia nuts will become much less exotic.

We now recognize that breeding and farming animals like sheep, cattle, or pigs, is a huge drain on our planet due to land consumption. Plus worrying about animal welfare is also a consideration we cannot overlook as we think about the increasing mouths to feed. Indeed, this main non-plant-based protein cannot continue unabated in the future. It contributes to climate change in large proportion and so it is timely that we embark on alternative ways to generate protein based diet. But we still grapple with what is the next best thing? So, what do we turn to in our time of need?

Insects Anyone?

There has been discussions about insects as the next best primary source of food. Yes, you have seen it right. Insects. This is not such a radical concept and many cultures today have adopted insects as food. But for western society, it might be a somewhat repulsive concept. There is definitely a “yuck” factor to consider and overcome. Get ready, though, because you may very well see your kitchen equipped with harvesting drawers! However, do not despair. You will have choices. Ground insect meal will make their way into your household with flavored dishes and nibbles and even into your desert in cakes and pies. Yummy!   

While part of me can definitely wait for that, the nutritious value is there and can be converted to de-fatted insect flour containing alpha-linolenic acid used for frying, which can also be adopted into skincare products. Oh, joy! I guess our attitude needs to change!

Seasonal Is The Answer

Exotic foods from localized areas will be the trend

These considerations are not the sole transformation we need to watch for in our future. Indeed, local products will be the rage as opposed to shipping exotic products from far away. So, let us hope that we adapt sooner rather than later. Our planet needs relief from these long-distance air-freights and the intensive farming processes that represents a waste on water and plastic. Maybe knowing our future reality will affect our behaviors today as we witness enough of the daily food waste. Perhaps we can abide with more awareness and find a better way, like buying more local products immediately and keeping our purchases from responsible producers seasonal.

But there is more. As we face a radical evolution for the good of our planet so that we still have a home in the future, more transformation is on the way.

Water processing plant in the future according to Newdawn and MidJourney A.I.

Water A Rare Commodity

Water will become the most precious commodity. We already know this; we tend to overlook it. Digital faucets will impact water distribution, allocating the flow of water more economically.

Still, expect the development of synthetic foods produced with digital tech in your own homes. It will be nutritious and readily made by your 3D printer based on your preferences. By 2070, you will see that in all our kitchens with deluxe models delivering tasty foods with known chefs’ recipes. A trend will call for more nutrient fortified meals that provide food as fuel in powders, gels, and shakes. Even our four legged little people with fur will consume designed edibles made from chemicals. 

Consider that these 3D printers will customize meals made-ready just for you. These personalized to your body requirements will provide everything you need in minerals, vitamins, and nutrients to increase performance and health. By then, implants will perform the function of monitoring your physiology and determine your needs each day, defining the foods required and when to consume them. Just like in NEWDAWN, these devices will be based on our DNA and pre-existing medical conditions to enhance performance and render all of us more effective.  

Meal times in an undefined future

Unfortunately, we should expect that mealtimes will no longer be so special, only appearing in our lives on special occasions while fueling our bodies multiple times a day. It is a notion I resist because traditionally, as I am French by culture, I love my meals! This significant adjustment for me is a no-no. I love sitting at a table with friends and family, drinking a glass of wine, or at the end of a meal a cup of coffee and enjoying a pleasant conversation. I am far from being ready to give this up. So, on that alone, my attitude will be resistant to modifying my behavior around mealtimes. Perhaps, by then, I will be a dinosaur unless, of course, I select redesigning myself! Just kidding or maybe not!

Do not worry; we will still have parties with some sort of food. The fun thing is that with technology, our guests can take part from anywhere around the world as holographs will abound by then. Multiple locations, pre-determined themes providing new vibes in a room will make the experience even more impressive, while celebrity avatars will stop by and create a memorable moment. A brand new virtual epicurean experience is on the way. But in the meantime, I think I will order a pizza delivered on my doorstep by drones!

Dr. Dominique Luchart

Author & Futurist

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