Twitter now lets iOS users easily share tweets as Instagram Stories,

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Twitter’s iOS app has been updated to let anyone quickly and easily share tweets to their Instagram Story, Twitter has announced. The feature works using the iOS share sheet: just tap the share icon underneath any tweet, and select “Instagram Stories” from the list of apps. Once in Instagram, the tweet can be resized, re-positioned, and adorned with the image service’s standard selection of text, stickers, music, and annotations.

Of course, you’ve always had the option of screenshotting tweets and manually uploading them into an Instagram Story. But the new interface makes the process a lot easier, and the results are slicker. However, it seems to work better with text- and image-based tweets for now — I tried the feature out on a tweet with an embedded video, and found Instagram imported it as a static image.

Once imported, tweets can be accessorized with stickers and other elements.
Screenshot: Instagram

Behold: A TikTok reposted to Twitter, shared as an Instagram Story.
Screenshot: Instagram

While it’s now easier to share tweets to Instagram, it’s still just as hard to share Instagram content to Twitter. Posting an Instagram link on Twitter still shows up as just a plain URL, without a preview card. The functionality disappeared way back in 2012, and shows no sign of returning anytime soon.

Twitter’s official integration with Instagram Stories follows similar functionality added to Snapchat last year. Like the Snapchat integration, Twitter is only making the new sharing feature available to iOS users for now, and it hasn’t mentioned when it might be available on Android.

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