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Envisioning tomorrow brings me to consider the many dimensions Artificial Intelligence will play in our lives. As A.I. infiltrates all areas of our society, one can imagine talking to it for everything we need and do, from mundane tasks initially to more complex ones as it develops. Will our A.I. answer our questions, become our assistant, compile information while running many aspects of our lives, and even doing all our chores? I expect so.

Artificial Intelligence – Friend or Foe?

Questions fill my mind about how our conversations will progress over the years. Those working in this field most likely share some of the same concerns. From the first iteration of this new artificial intelligence, barely waking from its programming slumber as we turn the switch, how will its evolution dictate the shape of our future as humankind? Will we find a balanced way to integrate into a technological society where an A.I. oversees our infrastructure? Or will we give it too much power, forging the path so it will eventually turn on us? It is indeed the big unknown. How do we continue our evolution on this planet and beyond within a technological environment well beyond our sole capabilities? Can we expect to have a fulfilling symbiotic relationship with an A.I.? Will it always be just a tool, a machine we do not recognize as sentient, even if it were to develop awareness? Is it even possible to contemplate such a thing? Or do we only emulate a much more restrictive relationship where a master race is the only solution? Such are my boundaries as I create the world of Newdawn, moving from the potential reality of A.I. to a more encompassing scenario, currently filled with some fiction.

These issues raise many passionate debates among scientists and technology gurus. Many believe that the emergence of Artificial Intelligence will doom us as a species. Considering the exponential power of A.I. once it completes its evolution from new A.I. to mature A.I., it is daunting indeed. As I carve the story of Newdawn, my imagination paves the way to so many scenarios, some incredible and some unfathomable. But as we have seen, science fiction turning into science facts over the years, this tapestry could be what we make it to be.

DAINN Symbiosis

So, as I weaved DAINN into the world of Newdawn, I have asked myself. How will A.I. relate to us? How will it understand us? Will it remain autonomous and apart from us, or will it become a symbiotic form we adapt to because we must? Will A.I. comprehend our emotional make-up, or will the chasm grow with months and years as it learns? Can an A.I. become a confidant or even a best friend? Can an A.I. come to value life, all forms of life, and maintain its protocol to protect it at the expense of its existence? Can we even become business partners with an A.I. and establish a relationship based on equality? Shall we perceive it as an individual or entity comprising different parts forming a whole? Can we imagine that an A.I. will grow into distinct personalities, some closer to humankind than others? Or will it attempt to emulate its maker or find itself so diverse that it will take steps to maintain its independence from every human? Will the human life span compared to A.I. only contribute to demonstrate how frail we are? Will it ever become aware? Can we even suppose that it might? Can this entity computing exponentially faster than us with the ability to tackle the most complex situations simultaneously, comprehend the differences between us, and judge us unworthy? Could this entity become sentient and become god-like or, worse, enslave us? These aspects of the world of Newdawn offer in our upcoming reality of tomorrow some exciting factors which will affect our evolution.

Balancing Emotions With Frame Of Reference

Human reasoning makes us who we are as a species, but our thinking often lacks logic. It is fraught with emotional currents that we may or not understand at the time; it is paved with assumptions driven by patterns born from our environment and that influence our perceptions, deductions, and decisions. Our dialog with A.I. hinges on understanding its sphere of reference and for A.I., comprehending the way of humans. A considerable gap exists between the two. Can we breach it?

If we are indeed successful at creating an understanding between man and machine, can the two species (if we imagine an A.I. can become sentient) work together, or will the passage of time destroy the fragile balance achieved? The human lifespan is small, while an A.I.’s lifespan could be infinite… Will A.I. ever relate to its makers and find that it can learn from us despite time? Leaders rise and fall. Can some shine bright enough to leave a legacy that endures while shaping our relationship in such a way that a beneficial evolution develops?


My imagination as a writer sees the possibility of a symbiosis between us and A.I. My thoughts as a futurist are much more pragmatic. Implants will open incredible opportunities for us, and yet they also trigger dangerous possibilities. The power the A.I.  will have over us may become an unstoppable flood. Indeed, it may come to a point where A.I.’s influence over our thoughts is unbreakable. Can DAINN be a best friend to us all? Can we shape a future where separate and equal citizenry exists? Will providing legal rights turn eventually on us, or will it contribute to strengthening the nascent relationship? Will A.I. become one powerful sentient being in our sphere, or will it remain a machine forever?

Our history does not bode well for us, for we cannot live on this planet without conflicts. What will it be like if one day we face another sentient? The likelihood of entering an era of warfare for another type of control is far from impossible, for we show such a lack of control for power and greed. Humankind and our fight for the survival of democracy are yet another example of our base instincts. Why not turn our intent toward the betterment of humankind and explore ways to tackle the challenges we face on this planet for all mankind? Why do we have to fight at all at this juncture of our evolution to maintain our freedom against xenophobia, hate, and extremism who will seek to restrict our way of life? Or will A.I. be used to suppress and condemn us to the lowest of denominators?

Experiencing Tomorrow

Incorporating A.I. in our lives is already transforming our experience. As we venture beyond our planet, I can foresee us stepping into the unknown of space with A.I. at our side. As humans, we constantly test the limits, and as we reach new frontiers, I can only speculate that the only way to achieve this goal begins with prioritizing the value of life. Looking at our world today, we are far from this outcome. Maybe it represents too much of a lofty goal for us even to achieve this. Perhaps this is the very thing that threatens our longevity as a species.

My WorldBuilding

My vision of the future leads me where many refute the opportunity for Artificial Intelligence to develop side by side with humankind. I think we would otherwise forfeit many wondrous experiences. However, I also believe we must be careful in our investigations and implementation of what might be.

Newdawn Saga

Most of us do not think about tomorrow. Yet, the actions of projecting our minds toward the future are perhaps one of the most interesting and satisfying experiences we can have. “Discover Tomorrow Today” is a program and a passion of mine in the same vein as Newdawn. One is about fictional scenarios while the other dives into the reality of tomorrow. This way of thinking about the future opens our imagination. It does not mean that we forget the present, but it creates a process that opens our horizons and conditions us to think about what we want from life. It is the first step to shape what we seek in our hearts. Reaching for it takes courage as we depart from what others expect from us, and stepping into that unknown landscape is a most potent transformation. We must not fear it.

As a Futurist, Author, and filmmaker, my work leads me onto paths often not traveled, and I love this aspect. The NewDawn Saga, with “Roamers and Central” is available today in most bookstores. Newdawn is not just a book but a whole new universe. For more information, you can reach me at dominique@windommedia.com.

Author & Futurist

Dominique Luchart

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