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Shuttles of the future according to Newdawn and MidJourney A.I.

The race of the billionaires took a fabulous turn with none other than Captain Kirk’s icon William Shatner and his launch into space. At 90 years old, his personality and repartee were incredible. What a funny and amazing man. Star Trek allowed us to dream of space and the final frontier. Written by Gene Roddenberry, the episodes took us places where our imaginations found immense satisfaction, spreading past the known limits of our world. Maybe coming back to us has felt a little bit like being beamed back to the surface by Scotty!

Still, I believe most of us were enthralled to watch his reaction and his emotion on his return to Earth. Some of his comments bring closer to us the importance of our planet’s health at a time where we witness the toll of climate change and its impact on our lives. If we estimate that this is only the beginning of the profound transformation we will see on the surface of Earth in the coming years, we have to take a pause and can indeed worry for our future. Still, making the changes in carbon emission today will impact tomorrow, and right now, we have exciting things happening with space.

Not Quite Still Science Fiction!

Our brains can transport us anywhere, but our bodies still need help to go places! Yet, without going anywhere, our minds can move us forward.We can indeed imagine anything and transport ourselves in the world of tomorrow. In a way, this is the bridge we seek between today and tomorrow. It is the reason I wrote the NEWDAWN Saga.

Teleportation still Science Fiction.

Where we are going…

While Nasa, Space X, and Blue Horizon take us beyond our atmosphere, a whole new generation of companies already plans to explore space in meaningful ways with the next structural habitats and cities on the Moon and Mars. Indeed, get ready, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, commercialization is in its infancy. It is easy to extrapolate time travel and cryo pods from our new structural habitats on the Moon and Mars. Indeed, serious private money is currently directed toward the latest. So, as we consider our progress, I cannot escape considering the advancements made to enter life in space. And some of the things to look forward to are not only exciting but even SciFi mind-blowing.

A New Lifestyle On The Horizon

The commercialization of space travel begins a new era for humanity. An age not solely created in the mind and imagination of science fiction authors like myself, but where innovators lead us by leaps and bounds toward a new type of life altogether. As a futurist, one cannot stop envisioning the fabric of our human life adapting to the depth of the void. Flying on a shuttle hurtling through the cosmos will become routine. Imagine going through a dock space or landing on the Moon, at the California Hotel or  New York Hotel on Mars, with a restaurant and bar welcoming travelers from Earth.  Envision the next day after a restful night, jumping for a quick trip to the Asteroid belt or Jupiter, a traveler journey that will become routine. Imagine getting a t-shirt and other memorabilia in the store inside the latest shopping center serving you food and drink with robots in one of the long galleries inside the lunar city? This day will be there soon.  

Mars is just the first stop

The other day, through a strategic meeting with one of my partners, I witnessed a company currently working on buildings the next generation of structures for the Moon and Mars! Yeap, you got that right. Imagine that! They are already planning on putting together space habitats, residential towers, space manufacturing facilities, heavy industries, spacecraft manufacturing, resource mining with their town complexes, exploration and training centers, space tourism with hotels on the Moon and Mars, education facilities, shopping malls, and eventually Mars. A whole new generation will prepare for life in space, targeting our solar system and the Kuiper belt, the distant donut-shaped region where icy bodies can be found beyond the orbit of Neptune. Envision drilling for rare metals, filling barges until they are so fat with the latest minerals in demand from Earth, the Moon, or Mars that your payday will likely make you the new wealthiest man or woman in our galaxy. A new frontier awaits us.

A New Industry In The Works

No doubt that deep space requires equipment capable of withstanding the rigors of traveling inside our galaxy. Avionics drives this process, along with software development, navigation, communication, life support system, radiation shielding, crew interfaces, mission operations, heat shields, even survival astronaut training for those taking the shuttle, and a newly established world-class supply chain are all critical factors in how we reach new thresholds. The commercialization of a whole range of products from outside our planet brings us to a new competitive environment. The first of us to get there will dominate no longer a global marketplace but a galactic one.

Research Center In Space

A New Brand Of Safety In The Cosmos

Setting up state-of-the-art research centers for revolutionary ideas that will push humankind to the following limits of our evolution will most likely be safer than maintaining programs on Earth. Think about the pandemic we have incurred just in the last two years. Security for any research could well be worth doing in the depth of space. The same will apply to data centers and storage facilities holding all our data information, building redundancy systems capable of kicking in when and in the event of a human-made intervention or hack and planetary catastrophe. Of course, this scenario becomes effective once we have met some of the challenges with space travel and the creation of self-sustaining habitats bringing our capabilities to pioneer the galaxy to a new level. But do not fret. It is coming.

Real State In The Milky Way

I can conceive of a significant infrastructure allowing for the commercialization in space and of space. Imagine the next big real estate venture, like claiming land on the Moon or Mars with buildings spreading from residential areas to industrialized ones? I can further contemplate brand new space complexes shaped for the rigors of the cosmos as the new gateways to a new planet. These will house everyone from explorers to miners, researchers, doctors, entrepreneurs, scientists and spread across the surface of the Moon, Mars, or even Titan with all types of structures. Commercial endeavors like a new construction methodology made for space, corporate space headquarters for further exploration, and seeking new materials. Manufacturing facilities with robotic buildings on our behalf and more suited to space work and assembly than any of our astronauts, building space stations and landing docks. I can also foresee residential buildings sprouting from the surface of the Moon, Mars, and Titan as the gateways to other planets, most we have not even walked on yet. I can further conceive medical facilities galore within cities under domes where new experiments will be conducted to avoid contamination. Visualize manufacturing plants promoting other energy forms with new minerals soon to be converted and shaped into innovative products to provide alternative modes of clean energy. The new space economy will slowly rely less and less on Earth, as more resources extracted from the planets and moons in our galaxies, such as energy, other forms of fuel, construction materials, and raw materials, will supplement our growing needs.

Looking Ahead To The Next Frontier

But everything begins with habitats that promote the infrastructure for space exploration, so people can reach the outer bound of our galaxy and spread next to the surface of the Moon, Mars, and Titan and even past the Kuiper Belt. Many companies embark on this quest today; organizations like Lockheed Martin and others are venturing into these areas presenting new and exciting opportunities. Massive efforts will be undertaken toward space in the next decade, and trillions of dollars (as much as $2.7 trillion by the next three decades) will be spent to conquer this unique landmark and frontier.

A new adventure is genuinely beginning, and with it, so many thrilling opportunities. I suppose it is why some of our leading entrepreneurs like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are fascinated by this new frontier. It is time for humankind to seek these new boundaries and reach out deep in space to survive—more power to those unfettered souls welcoming the challenges ahead.

Live long and prosper and remember the needs of the many!

Science Fiction Leads The Way

There is much to be said about the imagination of authors in science fiction. They pave the way to transformation, they impact society and they foresee opportunities. Whether these become reality take time but if we look back in history, we have indeed paved the way to new things.

The Newdawn Saga Created The Bridge To Our Future

NEWDAWN is more than a book; it is a whole new universe!

Written By Dominique Luchart, Author & Futurist

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