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A future filled with wonders can be what we expect with all the technological advancements we anticipate in our global landscape. We will see things that defy current logic and understanding, but, likely, we will also witness a future of computing and electronics that will include biological and biologically inspired implants and apps, furthering our experiences. Indeed, artificial intelligence, creative machines, and robots will self-design, self-evolve, and even self-replicate. We will witness an era where human augmentation will become the rage. Due to scientific advancements, non-invasive brain-machine interfaces will transform how we interact with our world and how our individual entertainment experiences will be more vivid and intense.

Our time for fun will remain somewhat the same. Our activities will include watching movies, participating in sports, enjoying concerts, playing games, doing crazy extreme jumps, flying on “air boards,” and even visiting Jupiter. But, due to our augmentation as humans, our emotions will be turned up so high that they can totally blow one’s mind!

Air Football

Imagine a football game above ground with players taking to the sky, where jetpacks or flying hoverboards or what I call “airboard” become part of a strategy? Envision soccer, baseball, basketball taking to the air as an added dimension for the sport? These events will unfold as if you are on the stage participating in the game with the players. An enhanced experiential environment will completely take over the playing field. But there is more… Think of yourself in a stadium, picking players and giving them a real-life advantage as you provide added incentives or harness capabilities to help them? Contemplate direct connectivity with your favorite players as the game goes viral into the last innings? New rules and new challenges will become part of each game, and we, the audience, will entirely have a hand in the outcome.

Interactive Virtual Reality

There is also the certainty that virtual reality will be much more developed. It will allow us total immersion into the moment, creating a new reality we would never experience otherwise, like mining in space or traveling to the speed of light through the cosmos piloting your own starship. 

As machine learning broadens all facets of society, it will emerge in another sphere altogether. The creative machines around the globe will build games for us, making them available so that we can enter our own gamified universe and be at the center of them, without the need to know how to program (codless programming). But as A.I. is developed through all facets of society, it will expand dealing with all types of tasks on our behalf. Strict consideration and ethical constraints must be given to the development of such an entity to secure ourselves against a potentially powerful ally or foe. Assuming we are able to put in safeguards, will this make us lazy? Less inquisitive?  It is a possibility. I, for one, can imagine entering the world of NEWDAWN and becoming a participant in it! Of course, by then, there is the possibility that what I have conceived thus far will take place in the future and is already so much at our fingertips that I will need to keep inventing new frontiers. Of course, I will do so gladly. The reality is that we perhaps may even witness redundancy in the creative arena as authors, filmmakers, directors, bloggers, and artists are replaced by then with creative machines that provide content on the fly. Although, part of me feels that our human ingenuity will still be able to develop innovative ways to avoid that circumstance. I see A.I. helping to keep us engaged in our lives and plays. The same approach will ensure that we do not get too bored and re-engaged as we shop if our attention wavers. A.I. will know our buying patterns so well that it will determine what will be the next items on our list of purchases.

Let’s also acknowledge that haptic will have reached new heights by then, and sensors will provide almost no distinction between computer gaming, real sports, and even possibly our lives. So, we are in for a world that has expanded in possibilities, and we may ask ourselves if we will not become so addicted to extreme experiences as more adrenaline shoots through our veins. Vision imps will be part of our everyday world, and we will see them evolve from vizor lenses to nanotech lenses. We will likely suit up to feel more deeply in this virtual environment, everything set in play.

3D Printers Deliver Lifestyles

Imagine that a 3D holographic printer will conveniently provide anything your mind can formulate. And why not? We can drop in into a movie as it plays in our heads instead of on a screen. We will all be interconnected to an A.I. like in Ang, where a DAINN will monitor our moods and health, intervening on occasions or as needed to maintain our physiology to the highest performance level.

For those of us with cost issues, we will still have the ability to enter holodeck suites for a price, giving us access to a field of games or dreams. It may even effectively replace the traditional theaters. Will we be able to connect telepathically to these games for the heavy gamers in need of further sensations? Possibly.

Impacting Real Players

The beauty of the virtual world may be to prolong the life-game expectancy of real players to remain active in the sports world via apps and switch back and forth from reality to fantasy. The access to A.I. will give us access to data and analytics on games, possibilities, scenarios, and scores. But there is so much more… Neuro devices may even affect performance, and training sessions will provide players with the ability to improve their games. Coaching will take place in the mind’s eye more and more. Neuro stimulation will help train the body, so player reactivity is enhanced further. Additional abilities will definitely be part of the landscape, so everyone will access extraordinary and superhuman skills, just like in NEWDAWN. But while this happens, control over body prosthesis as some players will play with or without could become a logistical nightmare as new rules enter the arena to keep everything on a semi-level playing field.

Legal And Ethical Considerations

These new capabilities bring us to consider legal and ethical concerns that will undoubtedly raise the bar to create rules and maintain an equitable landscape. Our future will include cyborgs, security robotics, genetically enhanced or genetically engineered and modified populations including athletes, and even animals. All of these new developments will require new parameters established for the good of our society. CRISPR or shorthand CRISPR-Cas9 provides specialized stretches of DNA. It is an enzyme that acts like a pair of molecular scissors capable of cutting strands of DNA, enhancing the human experience further. Think about what we have to look forward to?

Robotics At Work

We can also expect robots to enter the playing field not solely in the business world but also with games designed for them by creative machines. The thrill of watching your favorite robot outperform another or win in different sports categories and games will be added to our experiences.

While all this may seem fictional, many companies are already researching and developing ways to connect non-invasive machine brain interfaces and optoelectronic devices to influence our brain waves or brain synopsis to affect memories and provide upload and download abilities. Elon Musk recently conducted a similar experiment with a monkey playing virtual games with a neuro link. Imps will frequently be embedded in our brain by autonomous robotic surgeons or machines, increasing our mental abilities.

From Fiction To Reality

As in NEWDAWN, faster data transfers, enhanced memory, and processing capabilities will be the norm. Digital signals converted into a bio-electrical input will affect our mental abilities. But some of us will still hold on to our traditional ways, and for those, we will have access to external devices doing the work for us with the same advantages but with a slight delay. Telepathy will be similarly integrated into our social interactions thanks to an A.I. It will be similar to our robotic security forces sharing information similar to a hive via the A.I. with centralized data. Is this even in the realm of reality? Consider the things already in the works, like turning Facebook into the first world telepathic network! Humm… CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself sets this as a subsequent goal for Facebook. It is no more unlikely than what we are today accomplishing with our trip to Mars, but oh, so much scarier!

I thought of the NEWDAWN Saga as part of my journey to tomorrow.  I am amazed at the number of advances performed daily.  These are truly exciting.  I wrote about a story of the future as I envision it and how it will affect us.  In many ways, this story today is already in front of us.  Roamers, the prequel to this grand adventure awaits you.  NewDawn is not just a book; it is a whole new universe!” 

Written By Dominique Luchart, Author & Futurist

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