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How to Live a More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle at Home

In Energy, General, Society by Dominique Luchart

Almost everything you do in your daily life has an impact on the environment, whether it’s driving your car, taking a shower, or running the air conditioning unit. And in order to combat climate change, it’s becoming increasingly important for everyone to do their part to protect the planet. There are various ways homeowners can do this, from composting food …

AI’s social justice problem: It’s amplifying human bias – CNET

In Society by

Coded Bias director Shalini Kantayya talked to CNET about the algorithms that are making society’s most important decisions for us., Artificial intelligence now plays a key role in deciding who gets jobs, who gets into colleges, who gets loans, who gets accused of crimes and so much more. But recent work from researchers has shown that the algorithms driving AI …

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Dead Cassini spacecraft could solve mystery of Saturn’s hot atmosphere, Elizabeth Howell,

In Society, Space by Elizabeth Howell

A spacecraft that died in 2017 is still providing insights about Saturn, the planet it studied up close for 13 years. NASA’s Cassini spacecraft helped scientists to discover why Saturn’s upper atmosphere is so hot, which puzzled planetary scientists for decades since the planet is too far from the sun to receive our star’s heat. But, using old data from …