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Interview With Author Dominique Luchart

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  Today our guest is the author and futurist Dominique Luchart with NEWDAWN Saga Novel A Scifi series for YA!  She is also a Director and Producer, leaving in LA. She is launching the first book of a SciFi/Fantasy series for YA, NEWDAWN ROAMERS. The books is about us in 2098 w/ Science & Tech paving the way to our future. The …

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22 Statistics That Prove The Value of Personal Branding

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Personal Branding – The Power Game  We live in a world where your online reputation can be your strongest asset or your biggest liability. A world where sales and marketing are better executed by employees with strong personal brands than by the brands themselves. A world where companies hire not based on resumes and cover letters, but on information they find online. …

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Top 10 Alien Races Concealed by NASA and Russia

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Top 10 Alien Races Concealed by NASA and Russia The race has been in a state of war with another species for over 2 billion years. Researchers are beginning to wonder if they lost that war, since the Dorsay, haven’t visited Earth since November 2001. 2. ALIEN RACE ELLINA HIDDEN BY NASA AND RUSSIA If you’re a fan of Lord …