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In Dominique Factor, Future Life, NEWDAWN, Science, SciTech by Dominique Luchart

Nor Vulcan, And Not What You Expect! The global digital transformation changes the playing field for individuals and companies alike because it is no longer sufficient to operate with traditional business models that use statistical analysis. Staying relevant requires different thinking than extrapolating the future from the past since we now live in a VUCA world. But what is a …

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In Dominique Factor, Future Life, NEWDAWN, Science, SciTech by Dominique Luchart

And so it goes… We have talked about it, we have fought against the very notion; we have watched without believing; we have gambled that we knew better, and now we can see the results of our inability to consider scientific facts. Indeed, they are self-evident. It is now time to change! We have been warned! The scientific community has …

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A future filled with wonders can be what we expect with all the technological advancements we anticipate in our global landscape. We will see things that defy current logic and understanding, but, likely, we will also witness a future of computing and electronics that will include biological and biologically inspired implants and apps, furthering our experiences. Indeed, artificial intelligence, creative …

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Envisioning tomorrow brings me to consider the many dimensions Artificial Intelligence will play in our lives. As A.I. infiltrates all areas of our society, one can imagine talking to it for everything we need and do, from mundane tasks initially to more complex ones as it develops. Will our A.I. answer our questions, become our assistant, compile information while running …

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Jeep teases 6 wild future innovations including drone follow, biometric recognition – Roadshow, Chris Paukert

In Innovation by Chris Paukert

Enlarge ImageJeep is detailing a battery-powered future with some interesting new innovations. Jeep Jeep’s off-road SUV leadership is under fire in a way that hasn’t happened in decades. Between the launch of Ford’s new Bronco and Bronco Sport, Land Rover’s reborn Defender and Toyota’s ever-growing onslaught of TRD models, Stellantis’ 4×4 brand is facing unprecedented pressure. Casting a wary eye …

LG once out-iPhoned the iPhone. Now it’s exiting the phone business completely – CNET,

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In January 2007, a consumer electronics giant announced the world’s first full touchscreen phone. Critics showered it with praise for its bold and sleek design. It launched a few months later and became a big hit. But this wasn’t Apple. LG Electronics pioneered this breakthrough, collaborating with luxury brand Prada on a phone with a capacitive touchscreen — the type …

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In Dominique Factor, Future Life, NEWDAWN, SciTech by Dominique Luchart

THE FUTURE OF CITIES Many challenges bring us to revise the state of our cities. But global warming will be an instrumental factor in how we adopt extra measures to enhance our lifestyles under more extreme conditions. Already, our population shows a trend that more people are moving into cities and that by 2050, we estimate that one-third of the …