WHAT’S Newdawn?

Dominique Luchart created NEWDAWN out of the idea to craft a better future for us and the planet. But how can anyone carve a tomorrow more balanced and beneficial for all? With everything going on today in our world, it is a huge challenge for any individual to undertake. Indeed, it takes momentum to make things happen and a movement. How can we envision what the world will be with science, technology and innovation moving so fast and paving the way to a new dawn for humanity?
After working in the different facet of the entertainment industry as a screenwriter, director and producer, Dominique has storytelling in her blood. So, the idea of a story like NEWDAWN, a science fiction fantasy based on science facts and some imagination came to mind and gestated into the NEWDAWN SAGA Series. The YA science fiction fantasy romance adventure was born with NEWDAWN ROAMERS and with it, a new way of life.


It’s grown since, into a world where we engage into different scenarios for our future with storytelling so our choices, decisions, inclinations today can build a bridge to tomorrow’s results, consequences and effects.
Featuring our incredible potential as human beings, we operate to draw attention to our inclinations and the roads we take in science, the doorways we open in technology, the frontiers we achieve in innovation – all toward assessing where these can lead us.

What better way to do this?

Stories highlight the awesome and drawbacks like in NEWDAWN. After all, how can we maintain an awareness of the possibilities we create if we do not even know these exists?

Paving The Way…

For the first time in history of humankind, we are entering an age where we have the ability to transform ourselves to keep up with the age of the machine. Therein lies the danger. Maintaining an eye on our achievements today, there is no better moment to shape how we pave our future so we do not wake up one day in a world we no longer recognize and that is not of our own making.
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Our Bridge To Tomorrow

NEWDAWN is a bridge to what lay ahead so we maintain our humanity. NEWDAWN is a new way of life for ourselves and our planet.


If SciFi fantasy is for you, you know what to do. Whether you read books, or listen to our podcasts, or view our videos we have a format for you. If you prefer other things, you can still look great, have fun and support us for causes we believe in… So that together, we can all be better caretakers of our beautiful planet, its living creatures and of course each other! We believe what we do is worth your time and your wallet. We hope you enjoy our books, merchandising and programs.

I believe that we are HERE BY DESIGN. My purpose in this life is to provide a bridge between science fiction and science facts, and I can only execute this purpose by being conscious. Consciousness in the present paves the future, and in this cosmic tapestry we live in, my role is to shift perceptions about what our future holds… our species’ future and our planet’s future.


I belong to a movement of futurists existing around the world. We keep tabs on what the greatest minds of our time conjure… We attempt to bridge the gap of what we know and what remains hidden behind closed doors. The things that are so far ahead of our time that we don’t know if it is even possible, and still is imagined into what might be. We are creatives and we envision possibilities. We are adventurers who explore the edge of that unconventional world, and report on it. We are the watchers keeping an eye on the extremes and telling the story. In a way, we are trailblazers unafraid to go down unknown alleys, the igniters who adopt things first after we decide we like them, the agents of change who spread the word so that others can try it too. We are leaders in many ways as we attempt to inspire growth around us. We tend to break boundaries because it makes sense, even when the road ahead is tough. Our role is to take the jump between what is known and unknown at every turn, although it may seem boring to some and crazy to others. We live in a world without a box. It is in a way part of our DNA. We belong to the big universal tapestry that tallies the step of our evolution. The NEWDAWN Saga offers a sense of adventure and romance in the world of our future… The one we are shaping today for tomorrow. Would you like to know what that world looks like?

NEWDAWN -A New World, A New Future

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