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Windom Media and NEWDAWN Network bring you a vision of the future with programming dedicated to the “World of Tomorrow.”
We will cover what the future holds for all of us with NEWDAWN Network and its Reality Series.

Created to air on the internet and websites around the globe, the segments feature one or multiple segments about the story of your choice. Each segments can be played individually (10 minutes) or together to structure shows of 24 minutes or 48 minutes.


Each show segment focuses on the topic you selected with several features allowing for your story.

We will provide enhanced flexibility on our platform and give you a cut of the segment you selected to air on your own website.


  • Intro – Animated graphics
  • Voice Over – Female or Male
  • Animated Banners
  • Sponsors Commercial

The segments can be assembled with flexibility to air according to various topics as selected by the producers based on our programming grid.

Based on your sponsoring package, you can gain Enhanced Programming and Airing Flexibility of the show due to the way we will assemble the various modules in post-production.

A total of our individual show segments will be featured in one program of about 48 minutes long.

Working together with each Sponsor Partner, we provide this programming to the world to enhance your brand today and in the future by selecting topics that tie-in with your company's image and audience. The road ahead will change our lifestyles and the future for our planet based on the advances of science, technology and innovations.

Let's feature this new reality together!

  • Think Digital

    We had the scribes, then the alphabet, and now digital.

  • Digital Age

    The digital age changes the global landscape. To remain relevant as a company in the future, one must understand and adapt to the changes ahead.

  • Content for Brands

    Our content positions brands so the audience of tomorrow relates to yours in a digital world.

  • Influencers

    As influencers for the future, we shape the path ahead. We drive the momentum to maintain a grasp on our transmutation. Thus far, we have changed the world around us. Now, we are entering the era where we will begin to transform ourselves.

  • Future

    We look over the horizon to distinguish the Evolutionary Viral Patterns that transform our digital world.

The momentum for this global shift will only accelerate in velocity…

Are you ready to shape our world for the next generations with us?

Our Sponsor Packages Fit All Budgets


Providing you increased brand awareness, customers, visibility, revenues and positive credibility.

We deliver also on a customized basis:

  • Book signing and speaking engagements.
  • Experiential Storytelling Insights:

    Your story in all its authenticity via an experiential environment.

  • Mention you, your brand, products and services…

  • Shape perceptions, positively altering your relationship with your customers.

  • Give your audience a connection to you…

  • Provide your customers with glimpses about what it means to be loyal to your brand and your vision.

  • Transform the experience and personalization of fans with your company.

At a glance, you will get:

  • Presenting Sponsorship.
  • Category Exclusivity.
  • Exclusive Content.
  • Media Profile.
  • Customers Added Value.
  • Signage.
  • Hospitality/Experiential Environment.
  • Data Base Marketing.
  • Public Relations.
  • Other Online.
  • Ancillary Events.
  • Other Promotional Opportunities.
  • Customer Added Value.
  • Employees/Shareholders
  • Cause Tie-In.
  • Contra.
  • License & Endorsements
  • Contracts
  • On Site
  • Pass Trough Rights.
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