Dominique Luchart


 The Road Less Traveled

 The Outliers

 Our Purpose

 Finding Greatness

 Extraordinary Moments


An Amazing Journey Begins With A Phenomenal Commitment...

We are on a path not always understood, creatives who follow their heart and do not always belong to the crowds around us... And yet, here we are, all phenomenal, all amazing, all unique.

We are seekers in a world where boundaries mean little and where the unknown is fascinating and so we travel unusual alleys, taking off road turns. Indeed, we are the dreamers, moving with a rhythm all our own and shaping a future according to a powerful melody, one that seeks a better outcome for humanity.

We are the innovative in any fields, enhancing what we touch with unmitigated purpose to contribute to society because we can, because we must. It is a calling.

We are those who see the world in a different way, with abundant colors and warm rich displays beyond imagining. We are unafraid to try new things because some things are meant to be more ideal for all.

We often move past a reality we find boring to spread our wings and visit different places, and far away horizons. We even jump into other dimensions in a land where imagination always help us find our footing because we adapt, we observe, we reach for the stars.

We are the ray makers or rain makers, the trailblazers, the pioneers, the outliers because we dare not conform to other expectations and do not mind plowing our own way amidst challenges and difficulties.

We are never perfect even though we try, but we are awesome, undented, and hopeful.

Welcome to all of you as you join me into this amazing adventure and thank you for taking this journey with me!