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Windom is a bridge between today and tomorrow... A bridge to a Future Life - a new way of life brought about by Science, Technology, and Innovations. Science Fictions and Science Facts.

We are building a BRAND based on our Planet and saving our world.

On the fiction side: it is what NEWDAWN is all about. A way to introduce the many scenarios we may encounter in our future.

On the Reality side: Discover Tomorrow Today! Building an awareness of what is already under ways and what is coming in the years ahead.

But, more importantly, we need A NEW DAWN for our world. For that, we need a movement. And it begins with you!

WINGLOBAL is our way to spread the word... Rewarding you, our members with great things that build the momentum for the New Dawn of Earth!

Storytelling brings results if we focus on things that matter and as part of this movement, we are building a Foundation to impact the planet. A portion of your subscription with our VIP membership and a portion of any purchases in our books or merchandising will go to worthwhile causes to support mending our planet Earth.




  • Increased Relatability & Trust

    A brand video helps your audience (potential customers) identify and relate with your business. A video allows your fans to put a face to your business, and understand the nature of what you offer. People enjoy buying from people. The more they understand and get to know you, the more likely they will buy from you.

  • Reach More Potential Customers Through Social

    Videos are the most shared piece of information across social media. If your audience thinks it is relevant to them, they are more likely to share it with someone who might find it useful. This is a great way to get more exposure. Targeting your message enhances your organic reach and your ability to engage more people.

  • More In Less Time

    Videos have more impact. They are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text. In less time, you can give your audience more information they will actually retain because you are creating an emotional link. The immersive quality of video is more passive and so it is easier to engage with.

  • Stand Out and Be Counted

    In the digital landscape, video will become more essential. The numbers speak for themselves: 90% of consumers acknowledge that a video helps them make a decision to buy a product or service. 65% of executives who watch a work related video visit the website afterwards. 64% of people who vist a website are likely to buy after watching a video.

  • Remaining Relevant For Success

    Companies are increasing their video library so they remain competitive. In fact 71% plan on increasing their video budget. If you do not make a point to do this now, it is likely that your business will lose ground and market shares. Do not become obsolete and set yourself up for success today and tomorrow.

A Look At What The Future Brings!